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 Jobs in Victorian Government Schools


Welcome to Recruitment Online (ROL).  Recruitment Online is the Department’s online job advertisement and recruitment management system for Victorian Government school jobs.

Whether you are an employee seeking a promotion or transfer opportunity to take the next step in your career or looking for your first job, you will find all Victorian Government school jobs, including executive class, principal, assistant principal, teacher and education support class vacancies, advertised on Recruitment Online.  Education support class vacancies include student support services positions (social workers, speech therapists and psychologists). 

Recruitment Online Availability

Please refer to the HR Systems Availability page below for Recruitment Online availability.

Additional Recruitment Online availability information - ADVANCE NOTICE

A new version of Recruitment Online is scheduled for release prior to Term 4 which will enhance the functionality for applicants and recruiters.

Additional information for Applicants

  • Information you have entered into your recruitment online account will not be transferred to the new version nor can it be accessed following the upgrade;
  • We recommended that you print or save copies of relevant information including any resumes or applications that you wish to retain as a personal record;
  • Following the upgrade a new profile, user name and password will need to be created along with any additional information you wish to share.

Additional information for Principals, Business Managers and Recruiters

  • Further updates will be provided on a regular basis by DEECD Circular, HRM Online, system messages and updates to this webpage.
  • The current version of ROL is expected to be unavailable by the end of term 3 when the new version will be released.  The exact date is to be determined.  Prior to this date all recruitment activities, including all outstanding vacancies, on the current version will need to be finalised. ROL will be unavailable beyond this date.
  • No vacancy or other data will be transferred to the new version.  Recruiters will be unable to access or process any job openings created in ROL once the system is closed.
  • We recommended, when planning your recruitment activities during term 3 that this upgrade be considered with a view to concluding your recruitment activities no later than the last two weeks of Term 3.

Searching or Applying for a Job (Applicants)

Recruitment Online allows you to:

  • search for and apply for current vacancies
  • be notified of relevant new vacancies by setting up a Job Alert, and
  • choose to be included in the Talent Pool for Principals to search for potential applicants.

Help is available for ROL by clicking the "Help" link at the top right hand corner of each screen in ROL or accessing the help documents for Applicants below.


Recruitment Online for Recruiters

Recruitment Online is used to manage all aspects of advertising a vacancy and progressing applicants through the recruitment process.  For employees involved in managing the recruitment process, a Recruiter Help Manual is available.  Help can be accessed by clicking the "Help" link at the top right hand corner of each screen in ROL or by accessing the Help for Recruiters link below.


Recruitment Online for Selection Panel Members

Recruitment Online can be used by members of selection panels in performing their role to

  • view the vacancy
  • access applications; and
  • review any attachments an applicant provides to support their application.

Assistance for selection panel members is available below


School Appointments (provisional)

Recent Provisional school Appointments to vacancies can be reviewed on Recruitment Online.  Use the Applicant Login Screen link below to view Provisional Appointments at any time.  


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