About Transition to School

Starting school is a major milestone for you and your child. Learn how you can support your child to have a smooth transition to primary school.

Why is is a positive start to school important?

A positive start to school leads to better learning and wellbeing outcomes for your child both during the transition and beyond. It helps to support your child’s continuity of learning and development and supports them to feel secure, confident and connected to new people and places.

Transition: A Positive Start to School

The Transition: A Positive Start to School initiative aims to support a positive start to school for all children. A consistent approach has been developed to guide families, early childhood services, Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services and schools. This will result in a shared understanding between families, early childhood services, OSHC services and schools about what is important for children and their families during this exciting time.

More information about Transition: A Positive Start to School is available in this information sheet for families:

This resource is available in 30 languages, see: Translated Family Resources

Participate in programs and activities

Participating in transition to school programs and activities will help you and your child

  • get a better understanding of what school will be like
  • establish friendships with other children and families who will be attending the school.

Families are encouraged to enrol into the school of their choice as early as possible.  Many schools have open days in May. These are a great opportunity for families.

What is a Transition Learning and Development Statement?

The Transition Statement summarises your child’s interests, skills and abilities and identifies individual approaches and teaching strategies to support your child on their learning journey. It shares information about your child’s learning, development and wellbeing between early childhood services, schools and OSHC services (where applicable).

To make it easier to share information between services, schools and families  your early childhood service will write an individual Transition Statement for every child as they go onto school.  This ensures Early childhood services, schools, OSHC services and families are all partners in nurturing children’s learning and wellbeing.

Contributing to your child's Transition Statement

It is important for you and your child to contribute to the Transition Statement as it will give your child’s prep teacher or OSHC educator an overview of your child. This will enable them to plan for your child’s continued learning and wellbeing as they settle into school.

Contributing to your child’s Transition Statement is one of the transition to school activities you and your child can participate in before school starts and throughout the school year.

For more information about how to contribute to your child’s Transition Statement see:

This resource is available in 30 languages, see: Translated Family Resources