Stories from the Education State

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We’re making Victoria the Education State by building an education system that produces excellence and reduces the impact of disadvantage. Discover the latest stories or learn more about the Education State

Mernda Park Primary School codes for the future

Mernda Park Primary School is setting its students up as “kid coders” for the future.

Girls take up the Premiers' Reading Challenge

For 13-year-old Elissa-Kate, who reads up to three books a day, reading offers fun new adventures – on and off the page.

​​Expanding arts education at the National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery Victoria is inviting schools and students to visit and expand their learning at the NGV Triennial.

EdConnect brings more students and mentors together

A volunteer mentor program is giving retirees and disadvantaged students a new lease on life, and it’s set to grow across Victoria.

Creative international students show life in Victoria through film

Pursuing an education in Victoria is paying off for international student Calvin (Jiaxing) Gu, whose newfound passion for filmmaking has earned him an award.

Celebrating language diversity at home and at school

As a boy, Dr Joe Lo Bianco AM felt embarrassed hearing his parents speak Italian in public when growing up in the north-east Victorian town of Myrtleford.

Adventures on every page in the Premiers Reading Challenge

James Hart, designer of this year’s Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge poster for primary school students, believes all children want the same thing from a book.

Cross-cultural learning from Noble Park to Cairns

Students of Noble Park Primary School pay their second visit to an Indigenous community in Far North Queensland

New Tech School for Ballarat

Robotics, making sustainable chocolate, virtual reality and desigining for White Night – Ballarat students have a world of opportunity ahead at their new Tech School.

Giving students a voice in Dandenong

The Greater Dandenong Schools Network Student Voice conference brought students together to advocate for their education.

New Richmond school delivers world class facilities

The new Richmond High School at Gleadall Street welcomed its first group of 76 Grade Seven students at the start of the school year.

From classroom to courtside: Melbourne United TAFE internship

As well as leading the NBL ladder, Melbourne United is leading TAFE students to their careers.

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