Transition Learning and Development Statements

Part of supporting your child to have a positive start to school includes you and your child’s early childhood educator completing a Transition Learning and Development Statement ('statement'). This is designed to be given to your child’s new school.

The statement summarises your child’s strengths and abilities as they start school, identifies their interests and tells your child’s prep teacher how they can continue to support your child’s learning and development.

The statement consists of two parts: one for you, the family, to complete (Part 1 – Sections A, B & C) and one for the early childhood educator (Part 2). Part 1 - Section C is for families of children with additional learning and developmental needs, a disability or developmental delay to record information on the additional services involved or other important information the school should know.

The statement is available in electronic and paper-based formats. See: Templates

For resources to support you through this process, including guidelines to help you to complete the statement, see: Family Support Resources

For tips on how you can help your child to have a positive start to school, see: Supporting Your Child’s Transition to School

If you have any questions or need help to complete the statement, please speak to your child’s early childhood educator or phone the Department’s Information and Referral Service for your regional office.

Phone: 1800 809 834