Parent Tip Sheets

​​This section summarises the brochures that are given out in the health promotion envelopes for the 10 Key Ages and Stages consultations.

For a print friendly format, see: Key Ages and Stages - Promotion of Health and Development - January 2015 (pdf - 573.57kb)

Links are provided to online versions of the brochures (if available), or to their content providers.

These handouts are designed to support a facilitated discussion with parents about key health promotion messages, and ensure that consistent quality written information is provided to parents across the state.

For translated material, please see: Translated Resources

Home visit (new parents’ kit)

2 weeks consultation

4 weeks consultation

8 weeks consultation

No pamphlets for this visit.

4 months consultation

8 months consultation

12 months consultation

18 months

2 years consultation

3.5 years consultation