Does My Child Need a Second Year of Kindergarten

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During the kindergarten year, the early childhood teacher will work with you to plan together for your child's transition to school. In exceptional circumstances, a second year of funded kindergarten may be considered.

Your child is eligible for a second year of kindergarten if your child's early childhood teacher has assessed that your child has developmental delays in at least two key areas of development and will achieve better outcomes at kindergarten rather than going to school.

The areas assessed by the early childhood teacher include:

  • self-care – your child's ability to look after themselves sufficiently

  • ability to speak and/or understand language

  • cognitive (intellectual) development

  • social development – how your child interacts with other children

  • emotional development.

Other factors may also be considered.

There are specific guidelines that the early childhood teacher will follow when assessing your child. These guidelines are designed to help the teacher identify your child's needs and establish suitable goals.

Your involvement in the process is important and you and the teacher should work together to achieve the best outcome for your child.

With your consent, the teacher will complete the assessment of your child, seeking the support of other early childhood development professionals as needed.

The teacher will discuss the outcome of your child's assessment with you and if they believe that your child has a developmental delay and recommends a second year of kindergarten they will then submit a declaration of eligibility to the Department.

School Exemption Process for Children Attending a Second Year of Kindergarten

If your child will turn six years of age (compulsory school age) while attending a second year of funded kindergarten, your child must be exempted from attending school. As the parent/guardian, you are responsible for seeking this exemption from the Department.

You will need to complete the Exemption from school due to attendance in kindergarten program form. This includes verifying with the kindergarten service that a Declaration of Eligibility for a Second Year of Funded Kindergarten has been submitted to the Department.

This exemption request is to be submitted to the Area Executive Director of the relevant Department of Education and Training regional office by 1 November in the year before the child turns six.

You will receive written confirmation of the Department's decision following consideration of the request.

You must provide a copy of the Department's decision to the child's kindergarten service as evidence of eligibility for kindergarten per capita funding.

Please note that you have the option to withdraw the school exemption request.

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