Remuneration for TAFE chairs and directors

​The remuneration of both the chair and director positions on TAFE institute Boards are determined by two factors: the classification of TAFE institutes and eligibility.

Classification of TAFE institutes

TAFE institutes are classified as Group A (either Band 3 or Band 4) organisations under the Appointment and Remuneration Guidelines  (the Guidelines).


The remuneration for eligible TAFE institute Board Chairs and directors are as follows:

Group A Band 3 organisations - remuneration:

  • $35,661 to $75,258 per annum for TAFE institute Board Chairs
  • $19,018  to $35,171 per annum for Ministerial and Board directors

Group A Band 4 organisations - remuneration:

  • $17,830 to $50,182 per annum for TAFE Board Chairs
  • $10,699 to $20,093 per annum for Ministerial and Board directors

Directors are entitled to additional committee fees up to the maximum of $5,468 per annum, as set out in the Guidelines.


Under the Guidelines, a TAFE institute Board director may not be eligible to be remunerated if he or she is a public sector employee. If board membership is a requirement of their substantive position, public sector employees are not eligible for remuneration.

Public sector employees are only eligible for remuneration if the proposed appointment is on a personal basis, and the work required for the board will be undertaken in the employee’s own time, or during periods of approved leave. The public sector employee’s substantive employer must confirm in writing that the work involved in the appointment can, and will, be performed in the employee’s own time.

In relation to an executive officer or equivalent, the written approval of the Secretary, Department of Premier and Cabinet, is required for the public sector employee to be remunerated.