Performance indicator program (satisfaction surveys)

This program collects data via surveys and shows RTO performance measures about student and employer choice.

Student satisfaction survey

The 2018 student satisfaction survey will contact about 175,000 VET students and ask about their satisfaction with:

  • training
  • assessment
  • foundation skills improvement.

The survey also asked whether the student would recommend their training organisation to family or friends.

Employer satisfaction and skills survey

Likewise, the 2018 employer satisfaction and skills survey contacted about 100,000 Victorian employers to ask about their skills needs and satisfaction with training.

  • The satisfaction component of the survey contacted employers of apprentices and trainees who had a training relationship with an RTO in 2017.
  • The skills component of the survey contacted Victorian businesses to collect information on their skills needs, recruitment experiences and skills shortages.

The performance measures

The performance measures include several satisfaction and outcome measures collected through the student satisfaction survey, including:

  • VET students who achieved their main reason for training
  • VET students who recommend the RTO
  • VET students who are satisfied with training provided by an RTO
  • VET students going onto further study at a higher level than their completed training
  • VET students with an improved employment status after training
  • VET students satisfied with generic skills and learning experiences
  • VET students reporting a positive perception of teaching
  • VET students reporting a positive perception of the assessment process

The performance measures also include several employer satisfaction measures collected through the employer satisfaction and skills survey—satisfaction component, including:

  • employers reporting improvement in the generic skills of apprentices and trainees
  • employers of apprentices and trainees who are satisfied with training provided by an RTO
  • employers of apprentices and trainees who recommend the RTO.

How these surveys are different

The surveys are designed to collect comparable data at the RTO level in a way that is not currently available through other surveys.

So far, this project has tested new approaches to data collection, including:

  • new questions
  • rating scales
  • logic based questionnaire approaches to ask different questions of different cohorts.

The surveys also employ a census approach, inviting all students and employers of apprentices and trainees, rather than a sample. This provides greater confidence in the results.

Samples of 2018 surveys

To view the questionnaire used for the 2018 student satisfaction survey, see:

To view the questionnaire used for the 2018 employer satisfaction and skills survey—satification component see:

Your privacy

To ensure that feedback from respondents remains confidential, details will be dealt with in accordance with the Public Records Act 1973 and the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic.) For further information on privacy see:


The best way to provide feedback about your Victorian funded training is to respond during the survey administration time period either by completing the survey sent to you, or responding using any device that has internet access.

We will use the information that you provide to construct measures and findings that will be given as feedback to funded training organisations.

All students and employers are invited to be part of the surveys and this information is based on the reported data and training records received by the Department.

The Department receives data from training organisations that receive government funding or through trainee and apprentice information.

Complaints about the conduct of Victorian funded registered training organisations may be directed to the Department. For more information see:  Victorian Training Guarantee contract compliance complaints .

Not all accredited training delivered in Victoria is funded by the Department.

Consumer complaints about other training may be registered with the Australian Government’s National Training Complaints Hotline by phone: 13 38 73 (Monday–Friday, 8am to 6pm) or by email:

More information

Further updates about the project will be provided on this webpage as information becomes available.

RTOs will be sent updates by mail or through the Skills Victoria Training System (SVTS).

Any general queries about the overall project can be sent to:

Professional development opportunities for RTOs

The VET Development Centre (VDC) provides professional development sessions to all teaching and non-teaching staff in the VET sector.

For more information, see: VET Development Centre


Victoria recognises that the training and TAFE system needs better measures to assess the performance of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

That’s why we’re committed to asking students and employers about how satisfied they are with their training experience, and letting organisations know where they are doing well and what they need to improve on.

Since inception in 2014, the student satisfaction survey and employer satisfaction and skills Survey have gone from a trial to business as usual, with results used in a range of ways to improve the quality of the training market.

The results from the surveys form a key component of the evidence base used to manage the government-subsidised training market, and provide insight into the quality and outcomes from training at the individual provider level.