Pre-accredited Quality Framework

The Pre-accredited Quality Framework has been developed by the Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board to improve outcomes for students who wish to improve the skills needed to secure employment, access further study, and to build their capacity to engage and remain a part of a complex and fast changing society.

The Pre-accredited Quality Framework is a quality improvement mechanism and curriculum framework that supports teachers and managers plan, develop, teach and review pre-accredited courses. It incorporates a variety of new resources including an updated A-frame.

The Pre-accredited Quality Framework is published as a kit containing a series of hardback volumes and also as a series of electronic files available below.


Background to the development of the Pre-accredited Quality Framework and explanation of aims and components:


Background and documentation for the use of the key pre-accredited course planning tools:

Course plan templates

Part 1: Overview (doc - 248.5kb)

Part 2: Session plan (doc - 161kb)

Part 3: Course evaluation (doc - 133.5kb)

Learner plan templates

Part 1: Learning plan (doc - 143.5kb)

Part 2: Learner review (doc - 145kb)

Planning guide

Overview of planning and delivery processes for managers, program planners and coordinators:

Teaching guide

Ideas and strategies for teachers delivering A-frame courses:

Moderation guide

A guide to the processes and documentation for moderation and verification:

Moderation templates

Form A: Moderation checklist (pdf - 866.87kb)

Form A: Moderation checklist (docx - 77.29kb)

Form B: Moderation tool (pdf - 863.1kb)

Form B: Moderation tool (docx - 57.58kb)

Form C: Moderation summary (pdf - 856.58kb)

Form C: Moderation summary (docx - 74.71kb)

Form D: Verification, self-assessment and declaration (pdf - 996.87kb)

Form D: Verification, self-assessment and declaration (docx - 89.85kb)

Induction guide

A model for introducing the Pre-accredited Quality Framework:

Induction templates

Induction training session presentation (pptx - 247 (pptx - 247.4kb)

Facilitator Guide (docx - 35kb)

Case studies

Examples of pre-accredited courses:


Key terms defined: