Program and operational tools

Pre-accredited Quality Framework

This is a quality improvement mechanism and curriculum framework that supports teachers and managers plan, develop, teach and review pre-accredited courses. It incorporates a variety of new resources including an updated A-frame.

Pre-accredited Work Experience

Pre-Accredited Work Experience is industry-hosted work experience, supervised by a Learn Local trainer, which exposes learners to employability skills in a real world setting.  It links directly to the Pre-Accredited Quality Framework and the pre-accredited A-Frame.  Pre-Accredited Work Experience is designed to be a ‘step up’ program which will prepare learners for future accredited training and employment. The ACFE Board has released Pre-Accredited Work Experience guidelines based on current best practice in the sector. 

Learn Local Partnership Support Package

Learn Local organisations have demonstrated their ability to develop both formal and informal networks and establish partnerships. To further support these endeavours the Learn Local Partnership Support Package has been developed.

Intel® Learn Easy Steps

The Intel® Learn Easy Steps program provides a unique opportunity for Learn Local organisations to access an internationally-recognised digital literacy program with associated training and curriculum support.

Data Packs

The Learn Local Regional Data Packs support Learn Local organisations’ strategic development of delivery plans detailing the pre-accredited programs they propose to deliver for the 2016 contractual period, the target learner population and the location of delivery.

Learn Local Toolkit

Tools and resources developed to assist Learn Local organisations in their marketing and communications. It includes the template for the Certificate of Participation for Pre-accredited Training, Learn Local brand guidelines, logos, templates and the Learn Local wiki.

Microsoft Agreement

Opportunity for Learn Local organisations to leverage the ACFE Board's partnership with Microsoft. See the Microsoft Agreement.

Curriculum Resources

A support service is available for Learn Local organisations to gain advice on the delivery of programs.


E-learning uses digital technology to design, deliver and assess learner competence.

Who we work with

See who we work with; a list of organisations which support the Learn Local adult and community education and training sector.

Fire Risk Management

Self-assessment tool for use by Learn Local organisations to assess their levels of fire preparedness.

Other products and resources

The ACFE Board produces a range of publications and research to support the Learn Local sector policy development and implementation.

The ACFE Board provides opportunities for Learn Local organisations to develop and implement different projects. In some cases, Learn Local organisations develop products which have the potential to be shared across the Learn Local and Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector via the ACFE website. Learn Local organisations that have a product they have developed through ACFE funding that they would like to share are invited to submit an application for consideration.