The following information is provided to answer some frequently asked questions on the different aspects of the Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board Microsoft Agreement.

What are the benefits to signing up to the ACFE Board Microsoft Agreement?

Learn Local organisations signed up to the ACFE Board Microsoft Agreement can purchase Microsoft software covered under the agreement at a significant saving and without incurring additional licensing costs. Registered Learn Local organisations also have access to online training on products they purchase under the agreement. This training is web-based and will enable staff to become familiar with Office and Windows. It also provides training to those within the organisation who will deploy, administer and support the desktop and server products.

What are the obligations and responsibilities of the Learn Local organisation if they sign to the agreement?

In order to purchase products a Learn Local organisation needs to continue to be registered with the ACFE Board. If either the Learn Local organisation or the ACFE Board ceases to be eligible for access, for whatever reason, to products licensed under the Agreement, the Learn Local organisation must remove all software licensed under the Agreement from computers on which such software is installed. Learn Local organisations must complete the ACFE Board’s Microsoft Census each year, when requested.

What costs are incurred by Learn Local organisations who purchase software under the agreement?

Learn Local organisations who purchase media under the ACFE Board Microsoft Agreement only incur the cost indicated on the LAR website. There are no additional charges that need to be covered by Learn Local organisations. The cost to purchase DVD media to deply the software is minimal and is approximately $20 per item.

Accessing the Microsoft Agreement

Who is eligible for the ACFE Board Microsoft Agreement?

The Agreement can be accessed (under varying terms and conditions) by:

  • Learn Local organisations
  • Adult Education Institutions

Access to the products licensed under the Agreement is only available to the above types of organisations that are currently in receipt of funding from the ACFE Board.

How do I sign up to the ACFE Board Microsoft Agreement?

There is an application process that Learn Local organisations need to complete in order to register for the ACFE Board Microsoft Agreement.

Where do I find my username and password to order products online?

Once an Learn Local organisation has successfully registered with the ACFE Board Microsoft Agreement a username and password will be sent to the contact person listed on the registration. Contact Insight if you have misplaced these details at    ACFE.education@insight.com

Placing an order

Where do I find a copy of the instructions on how to place an order with Insight?

Visit placing an order for further details.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble placing an order online?

Insight should be contacted for any questions relating to placing an order online on    ACFE.education@insight.com

How do I order products that are part of the ACFE Board Microsoft Agreement but do not show up when I log onto the Insight website?

Only the most current versions of Microsoft products are listed on the Insight website. If there are previous software versions that you would like to purchase, available under the ACFE Board Microsoft Agreement, contact Insight to arrange purchase at ACFE.education@insight.com

Why can I only purchase one copy of software from the Insight website?

The Multiple Activation Key allows you to install the software on more than one computer within the organisation.

Do I need to buy a DVD for each computer?

Learn Local organisations are not required to purchase a copy of the media (e.g. Office 2016) for each computer. Only one copy is required to load software onto all of the computers owned by the Learn Local organisation.

Available products

Where do I find information on the prices of products under the Microsoft Agreement?

Details on all products available under the ACFE Board Microsoft Agreement can be found on the Insight website once you have logged into your ACFE account.

Does the agreement include File Server Operating Systems?

Fileserver operating system licenses (e.g. Windows Server 2012) are included under the agreement and are part of the server pool collection. Only purchase the media and manuals if necessary. You don’t need to purchase operating systems with new servers.

Does the agreement include desktop or notebook Operating Systems?

Full Operating System licences for desktop or notebook computers (e.g. Windows 10) are not included in the Microsoft Licence Agreement. The ACFE Board’s agreement with Microsoft allows upgrades to the latest operating system from any previous version of a Microsoft operating system including 32-bit or 64-bit operating system (e.g. from Windows XP Home to Windows 10 or to Vista Enterprise). Learn Local organisations are required to purchase a qualifying base operating system license with each new (desktop or notebook) computer system. The minimum operating system that can now be purchased is Windows 7 Home.

Is Virtual PC for Macintosh Computers available under the agreement?

Yes. Virtual PC is available under the ACFE Board’s current agreement with Microsoft.

Can I downgrade to a previous version of Microsoft Software?

Yes. Learn Local organisations can downgrade to a previous version of any Microsoft product. This includes downgrading of MS Office software, computer operating systems or server operating systems if they wish. Microsoft does not support products beyond seven years after their release date.

How do I access the free training available under the agreement?

After purchasing the software from the LAR contact ACFE to arrange access to the online training for that particular software.

Installation and Technical Problems

I’ve just installed the software and it is asking me for a serial number. Where do I find this?

The serial number (or product key) is located on the orange sticker on the back of one of the media disc's sleeve. Some Volume License Keys can be found on the Large Account Reseller’s website (you will need the account login and password).

Our organisation has recently purchased an Apple computer with a dual operating system. Do I need to purchase a Windows Operating System License to enable me to install and run other Windows based software products on this computer?

No, you do not need to buy a Windows Operating system licence for this computer. The Apple operating system license which is supplied with this computer system qualifies as a suitable Windows qualifying product. You can use the Windows operating system upgrade CD available from the Large Account Reseller’s to install the Windows operating system for this purpose.

I need to install a Windows based software product (QuickVic) onto my Mac laptop. Do I need to purchase a Windows operating system license first?

No, the Apple Macintosh operating system is a qualifying product. You will need to use the Windows operating system upgrade CD available from the supplier to install the operating system and in addition also install Virtual PC (Virtual PC is also included under the ACFE Board’s agreement with Microsoft). Virtual PC is available from the Large Account Reseller website.

Do I need to purchase a new operating system after upgrading a computer?

A new operating system only needs to be purchased if you have upgraded or replaced the motherboard of the computer, for reasons other than a defect.

As a technician or Computer Co-ordinator can I re-image Learn Local organisation computers under the agreement?

Yes, technicians and computer co-ordinators can re-image Microsoft products covered under the agreement onto Learn Local organisation owned computer systems.

Who do I contact for more technical assistance?

Registered Learn Local organisations can contact Microsoft directly for assistance, call 13 2058.


Do I need to purchase licenses when I purchase software under the agreement?

No. ACFE covers the cost of licenses, you only need to purchase the media and use the product licensing keys provided to you by the LAR.

How do I notify ACFE of license usage after deploying software?

Keep a record of how many computers/laptops you installed the software, which you purchased through the agreement, on. You then need to supply this information when you complete the annual ACFE Board Microsoft Agreement Census. This enables ACFE to track the licensing usage.

How do I find the product licensing keys for software that are not listed on the Large Account Reseller’s website?

If the product licensing keys are not attached to the back of the media’s CD sleeve contact Insight for them on ACFE.education@insight.com

Is the Windows Operating System licence transferable from an old computer to another?

No. Licences for operating systems are not transferable from one machine to another.


Why do I need to complete the Microsoft Annual Survey?

Completing the ACFE Board Annual Microsoft Survey (the census) is one of the obligations that Learn Local organisations agree to when they sign the Acceptance of Terms and Conditions form to register for the ACFE Board Microsoft Agreement. In order for the ACFE Board to continue to maintain the Microsoft Agreement, ACFE must report the number of licenses used each year by Learn Local organisations. When Learn Local organisations complete the survey ACFE is able to fulfil this requirement of the agreement.

None of my information from last year has changed. Do I still have to complete the survey?

Yes, the census must be completed each year even if your data has not changed.

I haven’t purchased anything this year under the Microsoft Agreement Do I still have to complete the census?

Yes, under the Terms and Conditions of the ACFE Board Microsoft Agreement each registered Learn Local organisation must complete the census each year.