Learner Engagement A-Frame Program

Learn Local providers and Adult Education Institutions can apply for funding to improve engagement in training for hard-to-reach learners.

What is the Learner Engagement A-Frame Program?

The Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board is implementing the Learner Engagement A-Frame Program (LEAP) in 2019 to support Learn Local providers to deliver programs that are a minimum of 5 Student Contact Hours (SCH) and fewer than 20 SCH, in order to engage hard-to-reach learners. 

Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the Learner Engagement A-frame Program 2019 Round 1 are now closed

LEAP's Objectives

LEAP's objectives are to:

  • provide Learn Local providers with the flexibility to facilitate improved engagement with pre-accredited training programs for adults who face barriers to training
  • provide engagement activities linked to pathways to further training or employment
  • strengthen pathway outcomes for learners facing barriers to training, by building the skills and capabilities necessary to participate in further pre-accredited programs or accredited education and/or employment.

LEAP  Inclusion in A-Frame Exchange

A mechanism for disseminating information and best practice around student engagement has been established, via the A-Frame Exchange.

The A-frame Exchange is a secure website restricted to Learn Local providers registered with the ACFE Board. Please note that LEAP has now been included as a program category within the A-Frame Exchange.

Learn Local providers are encouraged to contribute to, and access, a shareable database of quality LEAP Course Plans through the A-Frame Exchange, in order to share examples of successful engagement programs.

Access the A-Frame Exchange

Further information about the A-Frame Exchange, including conditions of use, is available through the https://www.education.vic.gov.au/_layouts/images/icdocx.pngGeneral Memo, A-Frame Exchange (docx - 334.7kb)

What is the program duration?

The Board has established a separate funding pool of Student Contact Hours specifically for the LEAP initiative in 2019. LEAP will run to the end of 2019, and will involve the total delivery of up to 50,000 SCH. 

What funding is available?

Funding for the initiative is through a Student Contact Hour subsidy rate, consistent with the existing pre-accredited rate of $9.10 per SCH.  A Regional Loading of 20% will apply for delivery in designated postcodes.