Learning Aware Families Package

The learning aware families (LeAF) package is a comprehensive family learning support program established to improve educational pathways for families.

Family learning programs have a positive educational impact on the entire family including children and adults.

LeAF seeks to overcome the barriers hindering the participation of parents and carers in training and education.

There are three elements of the LeAF package. These are strategically interconnected so learn local organisations (LLOs) can assist both parents and their children to overcome the barriers that prevent them from engaging in education, training and employment.

The three elements include:

  • Flexible Family Support (FFS) grants
  • Family Learning Partnerships program
  • Communities of practice

Flexible Family Support grants – childcare services

Flexible Family Support (FFS) grants fund the cost of childcare while parents participate in government-subsidised training by LLOs.

The 2018 FFS grants program is only open to 2017 family learning support program (FLSP) providers via an expression of interest (EOI) process.

In future years (from 2019), eligibility to apply for FFS grants will be broadened to include LLOs with a current ACFE Board registration and that are delivering pre-accredited training.

Family Learning Partnerships program – establishing educational networks, supports and best practice education approaches

The family learning partnership (FLP) program (2017 and 2018) aims to engage and support parents to participate in learning and to set them on a pathway towards further education and employment.

FLP plus (2019) partnerships will provide LLOs with the opportunity to develop collaborative programs with other educational organisations and community-based services to respond to the learning needs of parents experiencing disadvantage.

For more information see our FLP flyer (doc - 2.99mb)

Communities of practice

The communities of practice (CoPs) will bring members from the LeAF programs together to share knowledge, skills and experience in supporting vulnerable families.