Intel® Learn Easy Steps

The ACFE Board will continue to make available the Intel® Learn Easy Steps digital literacy program as an option for pre-accredited delivery in 2018.  The program provides an opportunity for Learn Local organisations to access the internationally recognised digital literacy curriculum with ready access to training and supports, ensuring course quality.

Course Structure

Intel® Learn Easy Steps is a course designed to help participants learn the basic steps of how to use a computer effectively and to apply acquired skills to everyday life.  Intel® Learn Easy Steps is modular and includes five core modules and three additional entrepreneurship optional modules to extend learners' use of technology into their professional lives.  These are:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Computers – This module guides you through many hands-on experiences to explore and discover basic uses of computer devices.
  • Module 2: Productivity Tools (Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Multimedia Presentations) – This module explores how to use productivity tools on a computer to create documents, organise data in spreadsheets and present multimedia slide shows.
  • Module 3: The Internet, Email and Communicating Online – This module explores how to use the Internet effectively to search for information, to communicate and to connect with others around the world.
  • Module 4: Keeping Safe Online – This module explores basic information about keeping safe online.
  • Module 5: Social Media – This module explores the social and community building features of the Internet.
  • Optional Module: Exploring Entrepreneurship – This optional module explores the use of computer applications in designing a business.
  • Optional Module: Market Your Business – This optional module explores how to use technologies to market and communicate about your business.
  • Optional Module: Money Management – This optional module explores tools for personal and business related money management.

Each module is organised into lessons.  Lessons follow the structure of Learn, Practice, Apply, Share and Reflect.

Program benefits

Learn Local organisations delivering the Intel® Learn Easy Steps version 5.0 program receive at no cost:

  • Personalised training from a Senior Trainer in the delivery of the Intel® Learn Easy Steps version 5.0 program
  • Access to the Intel® Learn Easy Steps Facilitator Group portal providing access to an online community of teachers from over nine countries sharing Activity Cards and Intel® Learn Easy Steps Curriculum and teaching expertise and support
  • Access to customised Intel® Learn Easy Steps training support materials
  • Sample of A-frame course and session plan to assist in the development of an Intel® Learn Easy Steps course to meet the needs of your learners
  • Marketing materials to assist in promoting the program to learners
  • An editable Certificate of Attainment for recognising learner achievement.

Accessing support for your Learn Local

Email at organise a Senior Trainer to visit your organisation to discuss the program and to provide training on the Intel® Learn Easy Steps version 5.0 program.  This training will get you set up with the Intel® Learn Easy Steps curriculum, materials, promotion materials, a sample A-frame course and session plan and more.

Organisations who would like to take up this opportunity should contact their regional office, see: Regional Contacts - Participation Branch

For more information on the program, see: Intel® Learn Easy Steps brochure (pdf - 833.98kb) or watch the video on the Learn Local YouTube Channel: Intel Learn Easy Steps - available at Learn Local organisations