Data Packs

The Data Packs support Learn Local organisations by providing strategic information to inform the development of delivery plans detailing the pre-accredited programs they propose to deliver for the 2016 contractual period, the target learner population and the location of delivery. The Data Packs include a detailed focus on 2014 pre-accredited program delivery as well as higher level detail aligned to the Victorian Training Market Reports.

The Data Packs provide a State-wide context of 2014 delivery and make comparisons to respective local results. These reports have been prepared to support the engagement of the ACFE Board, ACFE Regional Councils and Learn Local organisations in the Victorian vocational training system. The comparisons look at areas of growth in training delivery, fields of education in which training occurred and participation in training across a range of priority learner groups.

Data Packs for 2014

To further support organisations in planning for future programs, including identifying and targeting local community and learner population needs, organisations should also refer to Department publications such as the Regional Training Market Trend Reports and Victorian Training Quarterly Market Reports.

For more information, see: Regional Training Market Trend Reports

For more information, see: Victorian Training Quarterly Market Reports

Providers are also encouraged to draw on other sources of local information to inform their planning, including but not limited to Local Government economic development and strategy publications and Australian Bureau of Statistics data such as the National Regional Profile and the Socio-Economic Status (SEIFA) information.

For information on ACFE Board Grants and Funding activity, see: Grants and Funding