Asylum seeker VET program


What is the asylum seeker VET program?

The Victorian government has expanded the Asylum Seeker Vocational Education Training (VET) Program to exempt eligible asylum seekers from the usual citizenship criteria required for participating in a training course.

The expansion of the program includes a range of new measures that increase accredited training places, broaden eligibility, lower fees, and make a wider range of subsidised courses available to eligible asylum seekers.

In addition to subsidising courses, the expanded Asylum Seeker VET Program is supporting the delivery of the Asylum Seeker Learning Plan Program and the Asylum Seeker Language and Literacy Program. Both programs will be delivered by Learn Local organisations and Adult Education Institutions.

Please note that citizenship requirements apply for accessing all Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board subsidised pre-accredited programs. There is currently no exemption for asylum seekers to participate in ACFE Board subsidised programs. The Asylum Seeker VET Program and the Asylum Seeker Language and Literacy Program are not subsidised by the ACFE Board.

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) seeking advice about supporting and enrolling asylum seeker students via the Asylum Seeker VET Program may contact the RTO Helpline managed by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

9274 9807
RTO Helpline, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

For more information, see:

Asylum Seeker Vocational Education Training

Who can apply?

To be eligible to participate in the subsidised Asylum Seeker VET Program, individuals must hold a current valid visa. Valid visas and criteria for this program are:

  • Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV)
  • Temporary Protection Visas (TPV)
  • Bridging Visa class E (BVE)

Victims of human trafficking who have referrals from the Australian Red Cross Victims of Human Trafficking program are also eligible.

Types of funding

Subsidised accredited training

BVE, SHEV or TPV holders may enroll in accredited courses directly or via a referral to enrolment service.

Direct enrolment in accredited training

Students with a valid visa may directly enroll in an accredited course with a TAFE Institute or a Learn Local Organisation that delivers accredited courses. At enrolment the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) will ask the student for visa details in order to verify visa eligibility including checking the visa via the Visa Entitlement Verification Online system.

Enrolment in accredited training via referral service

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) manages a service for eligible asylum seekers that provides vocational education and training advice and referral assistance to students seeking to enroll in an accredited course. To access this service contact the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Asylum Seeker Learning Plan Program

Applications are open to all Learn Local organisations to deliver this program to eligible asylum seekers. The three program components comprise:

  • education and skills assessment
  • VET pathways advice
  • community orientation to training.

Program funding will be offered to areas in Victoria of greatest need.

Round one deadlines

Applications for round one are now closed.

How to apply for round two

Learn Local organisations will be notified about an opportunity to participate in round two via Participation branch memorandum.

Asylum Seeker Language and Literacy Program (ASSLP)

The Asylum Seeker Language and Literacy Program (ASSLP) will fund pre-accredited Language and Literacy programs that are customised by Learn Local providers to meet the specific English language and literacy needs of individual asylum seekers and refugees with temporary residence, close to where they live throughout Victoria. Learn Local providers delivering ASLLP programs will be contracted with the Department of Education and Training to deliver these programs.


Applications for this program have now closed.