ACFE Board Capacity and Innovation Fund

The Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board's Capacity and Innovation Fund provides opportunities for Learn Local providers to develop and implement projects designed to meet learner needs and to increase participation and attainment in pre-accredited training programs.

Capacity and Innovation Fund (CAIF) – round 11

The CAIF Round 11 consist of 3 project categories, with a different approach, process and timeline for each category.

Category 1 Provider Initiated Projects – designed and initiated by providers with a focus on capacity building for providers to respond to priority learner group needs. These projects build provider capacity: through innovative and sustainable models of delivery, development of products that demonstrate a broader application across the sector, provide support for learner engagement and participation, improve quality of program delivery or develop pathways to further education and employment.

For further information see CAIF Round 11 Category 1 Guidelines  (docx - 1.52mb)

Category 2 Regional projects – these projects respond to individual issues of specific concern and importance to each of the ACFE Regional Council areas. 

For further information see CAIF Round 11 Category 2 Guidelines (docx - 1.6mb)

Category 3 State-wide Projects - these projects will be identified and scoped by the Department in consultation with the ACFE Board and focus on building provider capacity to engage and respond to the needs of learners. A Project Brief for each of the eight ACFE Regional Council Areas will be developed by the Department.

For further information on the Capacity and Innovation Fund please contact your regional office.

Reporting templates

The ACFE Board is committed to funding projects that lead to tangible outcomes for Learn Local providers and for learners.  Communicating what has been achieved through CAIF projects is equally important so that innovation and best practices can be shared across the Learn Local sector.  

In order for the ACFE Board to know whether or not a funded project is on track or has been successful, Learn Local providers who have successfully applied for CAIF funds must regularly report on the status of the project. The number of reports required will depend on the length of your project.

CAIF round 11 report templates

CAIF round 10 templates

Round 1 to 11

A list of Learn Local providers that have been successful through round 1, 2011 to round 11, 2019 can be found below:

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