Accredited training

Accredited training leads to a formal qualification such as a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma. These qualifications are recognised across Australia in line with the common standards and assessment guidelines outlined in national training packages. All training packages are designed with comprehensive input from industry to ensure that training is relevant to the current workplace.

In Victoria accredited training is delivered by registered training organisations (RTOs). About 30 percent of registered Learn Local providers are also RTOs and deliver a range of accredited training programs. A directory listing all Victorian RTOs, and the accredited training they deliver, can be found on the State Register website

Further information about becoming an RTO and maintaining RTO status can be found at the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority’s website.

Further information for RTOs about applying to deliver government-funded accredited training places can be found at the following section of the Victorian Registrataion and Qualifications Authority website.