Adult Literacy and Numeracy Practitioners Program

​The Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board's Adult Literacy and Numeracy Practitioners Program (ALNPP) Initiative is a professional development program designed to build the capability of Learn Local trainers in literacy and numeracy delivery.

Program aims

  • To further develop the skills of Learn Local practitioners in teaching literacy and numeracy pre-accredited programs.
  • To facilitate localised and ongoing literacy and numeracy professional development across the Learn Local pre-accredited teaching workforce.
  • To provide a self-contained, literacy and numeracy professional development program that may be delivered by trained practitioners to their peers.

New professional development opportunity for pre-accredited educators

The ALNPP was developed by Adult Learning Australia (ALA) and Adult and Community Education Victoria (ACEVic).  As part of the first phase of the program, nineteen highly skilled and experienced literacy and numeracy practitioners were trained to deliver the ALNPP to their peers in Learn Local providers across the state.

The second phase of the program is now ready to begin and interested Learn Local practitioners are encouraged to participate in one of the 19 separate programs that will run across the state from now until November 2020.  The nineteen programs will all run at different dates, times and locations (including some 100% online). 

The ALNPP takes around 20 hours to complete and comprises a series of linked modules that include:

  • Putting adult learning theory into practice
  • Unpacking adult literacy and numeracy theory
  • Using the Pre-accredited Quality Framework
  • Using the Australian Core Skills Framework
  • Trauma-informed practice and addressing learning difficulties
  • Maximising your impact for adults with low literacy and numeracy.

Flexible delivery

The nineteen separately run programs will each be delivered either 100% online or through a blend of face to face and online learning, however the content will be the same.  To participate, practitioners will need access to a computer and the internet to access the learning management system and resources provided.

As the ALNPP will be delivered entirely online by some providers, interested applicants should not be deterred by their location. You are welcome to apply to take part in any one of the nineteen programs that suits your needs.

How to participate

For information on how to participate in the program, please see the ALNPP flyer.

Should you have any more general queries about the program, please contact your regional office.

  • North Western Victoria Region: Kaye Callaghan - 4433 7582 
  • North Eastern Victoria Region: Julie Hebert - 7022 1802 
  • South Eastern Victoria Region: Robyn Downie - 8904 2580 
  • South Western Victoria Region: Georgina Ryder - 5215 5204