Apply for a VET funding contract

Funding contract offers have been made to training providers to deliver Victorian government funded training for 2018-19.

The successful providers were selected following a rigorous and fair selection process where they were evaluated against published evaluation criteria.

Providers were required to have:

  • a demonstrated record of quality training delivery
  • program delivery plans for 2018 that were aligned with industry needs and the priorities of government.

New contracts are for two years, covering 2018 and 2019 calendar years.

For unsuccessful providers

Providers who were not awarded a 2018-19 VET funding contract can still offer fee for service training in Victoria, or find other sources of funding. A Victorian government funded training contract is just one source of funding for training providers.

Students who are studying with a provider that received government funding in 2016 and/or 2017, but has not been awarded a 2018-19 contract, can continue to train with their existing provider until they have finished their qualification.

Selection process

Archived selection process documents are included below.

For further information, email

2018 Call for expression of interest documentation

Draft 2018 VET funding contract