Training fee rules

Fees for training vary depending on the course or qualification and whether you are taking up a government subsidised place or are paying as a fee for service student. You will need to get information directly from the provider about the fees for your selected course.

​​​​​This information is for students taking training courses. For information on university course fees, see: StudyAssist​

Rule​​s about fees

The rules covering fees for government-subsidised vocational training places are the same, whether your provider is a TAFE institute, a university, a Learn Local organisation, or a private training provider.

Before you enrol in a course, you should expect to be told:

  • what you will have to pay, itemised as a list
  • about any concessions that may apply and what evidence you need to receive a concession
  • about any conditions that may apply to refunds.

All providers must charge fees in accordance with the Guidelines about fees.

Govern​ment-subsidised places

If you are eligible for a government subsidised place, some of the cost of the course will be covered by the government and the rest you will have to pay. Additional costs, such as student services and amenities fees may also apply. There are no restrictions on what fee providers can charge.

Providers are able to set fees at a level that they believe the quality, cost and reputation of their training warrants so you should shop around to find a course and price that is right for you.

For more information on government subsidise places, see Get a government fee subsidy​.

Learn Local course fees​​

​​​​​The course fees you will pay depend on the fees set by your Learn Local. Contact your Learn Local to get detailed information about course fees and costs.

These are initial vocational training courses that provide a pathway to accredited training and/or employment, provided exclusively through Learn Local organisations.

The Learn Local organisation can charge initial vocational training​ ​course fees up to the following limits:

Course categoryRate per hourTotal concession fee
Pre-accreditedUp to $1.08 per hourUp to $50 maximum for a concession fee

Additional costs, such as for materials and administration may also apply.