Apprentice training contracts and wages

Apprentices and trainees generally have the same employment conditions as other employees in their industry through an Award or Employment Agreement. However special wage rates apply for apprentices and trainees.

To find out more about wages and conditions:

Your obligations

An apprenticeship or traineeship involves a legal commitment. Therefore you have certain obligations:

  • you must sign a training contract
  • you must pay your tuition fees, the TAFE or training provider may also charge for tools, student services and amenities.

Training contracts

A training contract:

  • is an agreement signed by you, your employer, and a parent or guardian (if you are under 18 years of age)
  • specifies the type of apprenticeship or traineeship that will be undertaken
  • details the training obligations of the employer and apprentice or trainee
  • contains details about:
    • the start date for the training
    • the duration of the training period
    • the workplace or location where the apprentice or trainee will receive practical experience
    • which TAFE or training provider will provide the structured, off-the-job or workplace-based training.

Your contract has a probationary period (usually 1-3 months). Either you or the employer can cancel it at any time during this period.

After that:

  • a traineeship can be cancelled or suspended by either the employer or the trainee at any time
  • an apprenticeship can only be cancelled or suspended when the employer and apprentice agree