Projects funded by the Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund

Projects announced to date that has received funding from the Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund are listed below, alongside the amount of funding received. Please note that projects are announced and added to this list on a rolling basis.

Australian Catholic University

Medical Equipment for Research Collaboration with St Vincent's – $2 million

Equipment purchases in collaboration with St Vincent's Institute for Medical Research to undertake metabolic and health research, specifically supporting future treatment for individuals with obesity and diabetes.  

Next-Generation Secure IT Network – $1.8 million

Implementation of a scalable, resilient and secure IT network at Melbourne and Ballarat campuses to support teaching and research, particularly remotely.  

Ballarat Nursing Simulation Ward Refurbishment – $1.9 million

Refurbishment to create a new eight-bed simulation ward (doubling existing capacity) and refurbish the existing Pan Room and Drug Room for clinical nurse training.  

Post-COVID Learning, Teaching and Student Support infrastructure (element 1) – $1.6 million

Upgrading four existing learning spaces across the Melbourne and Ballarat campuses to education hubs, transforming education spaces to more digitally enabled and facilitating mixed-mode and active learning for ACU’s staff and students. This will also support flexible education for students to access courses across ACU campuses and from remote locations.  

Post-COVID Learning, Teaching and Student Support infrastructure (element 2) – $1.4 million

Converting former residential buildings to suit the delivery of academic support services, including upgrading consulting and office spaces; providing culturally safe spaces for Aboriginal and CALD students, and supporting students with special needs by essential work to building fabric and modifications to ensure equitable access.  

Announced date: 30 June 2021 (all ACU projects were announced on this date)  

Press release: Boosting Learning And Research At ACU  


Deakin University

ManuFutures 2: Geelong Engineering and Innovation Centre – $10 million

Advanced manufacturing incubator and deployment facility located in Geelong, supporting regional businesses to improve competitiveness and create new global market opportunities. Accessing Deakin capabilities across all aspects of business, from strategy and research to deploying advanced manufacturing technologies. Focusing on key strategic areas of renewable energy, circular economy, food and agriculture, defence, and new mobility transport.  

Announced date: 11 March 2021  

Press release: Putting Geelong At The Heart Of Advanced Manufacturing  

Innovation in Technology, Health and Science – $2 million

Development of an innovation precinct including labs, facilities and workspaces in Burwood to build capacity for teaching and research across several disciplines and new technologies.  

Announced date: 15 July 2021  

Press release: Putting Victoria At The Forefront Of Stem Innovation  

The DISH: Deakin Innovation for SMEs Hub – $2 million

Development of facilities and funding applied research supporting SMEs' resilience in adapting to Covid, focusing on digital technology, cybersecurity and AI. 

Announced date: 11 August 2021  

BatTRI-HUB 2.0: Building Victoria’s role in global supply chains for advanced batteries – $5.2 million

Physical space and research infrastructure/facilities to further advance battery research, translation and commercialisation for international markets.  

Announced date: 29 June 2021  

Press release: Deakin Uni To Create World-Leading Clean Energy Products 

Hycel Tech Hub – $9 million

Construction of a research facility in Warrnambool and funded applied research for the development, testing, demonstration and manufacture of hydrogen fuel technology.  

Announced date: 29 June 2021  

Press release: Deakin Uni To Create World-Leading Clean Energy Products 

AquAFI Hub: Aquaculture and Advanced Feeds Innovation Hub – $4 million

Construct recirculating aquaculture research centre in Geelong, focusing on innovation and manufacturing including animal nutrition and food export.  

Announced date: 23 April 2021  

Press release: Putting Deakin At The Forefront Of Water Science Research  

Queenscliff Marine Science Centre – $1 million

Physical space and ICT for advancing research and innovation in marine science, fisheries and aquaculture.  

Announced date: 23 April 2021  

Press release: Putting Deakin At The Forefront Of Water Science Research  

Integrated Water Management – $1 million

Investments in improved water sustainability at Waurn Ponds Campus to be used as opportunities for applied research and demonstration of sustainable practices. 

Announced date: 23 April 2021  

Press release: Putting Deakin At The Forefront Of Water Science Research  

Next-Gen Simulator (motion simulator platform) – $5 million

Simulation facility to advance research into driving systems, including autonomous mobility technologies, in partnership with Ford.  

Announced date: 06 October 2021  

Press release: Driving the Future Of Car Manufacturing In Geelong  

Circular Economy Accelerator-Organics (CEAO) project – $10 million

The Deakin BioFactory at the University’s Waurn Ponds campus will pilot and test new processes to use marine by-products, food and agricultural waste. It will develop new products such as protein-rich feed, nutritional ingredients, fertilizer, cosmetic ingredients and biomaterials for medical and textile applications. It will reduce organic waste going to landfills and establish long-term collaborative partnerships with key industries. This project is implemented in collaboration with RMIT and Monash University. 

Announced date: 18 March 2022  

Press release: Deakin launches new BioFactory as part of Circular Economy Accelerator-Organics project 


University of Divinity

St Paschal’s Campus Development – $500,000

Small scale capital works to establish a long-term home for the University of Divinity at St Paschal's Precinct, 90 Albion Road, Box Hill. The property renovations include classrooms, office space, seminar and conference facilities and a new Indigenous Studies Centre. 

Announced date: 11 May 2021  

Press release: National-First Indigenous Theology Course At New Centre  


Federation University

Business Centre of Excellence, including IBM Watson IoT Facility – $9.5 million

Development of an enhanced Business Centre of Excellence, located in a renovated heritage building in Ballarat CBD with dedicated facilities and applied research, particularly focusing on IoT. 

Announced date: 29 January 2021  

Press release: New Federation Business Centre Of Excellence In Ballarat  

Ballarat University Town – $2.25 million

Funding to support community engagement and business case development of a Master Plan, activating the town centre, improving the student experience and enabling better business engagement. Funding includes works at Federation University’s Jobs and Technology Precinct in Ararat which will connect the precinct to Federation’s Business Centre of Excellence in Ballarat.  

Announced date: 17 September 2021  

Press release: An Education Transformation For Central Ballarat  

Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre – Wellness Centre – $1.1 million

A student-led clinic will deliver wellness services (including physiotherapy, exercise physiology, occupational therapy and speech pathology) to the community, in partnership with Latrobe City Council.  

Announced date: 15 October 2021  

Press release: New Wellness Centre To Train Gippsland Health Experts  


La Trobe University

Bio-Innovation Hub – $8 million

Research equipment, labs and offices to support start-ups and SMEs conducting early-stage lab-based research and support commercialisation of research.  

Announced date: 15 March 2021  

Press release: New Science Hubs To Support Bio And Tech Innovation  

Digital Innovation Hub – $9 million

Integrated industry, research and teaching hub to support businesses to grow and transform through digital technology.  

Announced date: 15 March 2021  

Press release: New Science Hubs To Support Bio And Tech Innovation  

Agriculture Production Platform – $3.5 million

Enhancements to existing infrastructure to support the industry in transforming seed, crop and medicinal agriculture innovations from early-stage development to full-scale pilot production.  

Announced date: 28 June 2021  

Press release: Investing In Research To Grow Our Agriculture Sector  

Bendigo Teaching and Research Labs – $2.5 million

Expansion of laboratories at Bendigo campus to support course delivery, research and local industry involvement.  

Announced date: 25 June 2021  

Applied Industry Agri Platforms – $6.5 million

Development of lab facilities and infrastructure to support Victoria's agriculture businesses in discovering and subsequent commercialisation of products in horticulture, medicinal agriculture and protected crops.  

Announced date: 28 June 2021  

Press release: Investing In Research To Grow Our Agriculture Sector  

Virtual Care/Telehealth – $1.6 million

Refurbish existing teaching and internal-clinic spaces to deliver telehealth training and clinical facilities in Bundoora and Bendigo.  

Announced date: 5 August 2021  


University of Melbourne

Illumina-UoM Genomics Hub – $20 million

The Hub is set to elevate local genomics research and clinical trials to a global scale by establishing three core platforms in clinical genomics, bioinformatics and health economics.  

Announced date: 4 December 2020  

Press release: Illuminating Investment In Medical Research And Jobs  

Neo-Bionica (Bionic Devices Development Facility) – $4 million

Facilities to conduct research into human-grade medical implants and manufacture devices at a sufficient scale to enable clinical translation and commercialisation.  

Announced date: 29 September 2021  

Press release: New Laboratory To Support Local Medical Innovations  

More information:  

Faster, Smarter Pharma and Food Manufacturing – $1.8 million

Working with industry, create a new research centre to improve and optimise pharma and food advanced manufacturing  

Announced date: 28 September 2021  

Press release: Boosting Medicine And Food Manufacturing In Victoria  

NorVicFoods: Agri-food Innovation Cluster – $2.7 million

A new venture to transform and grow the agri-food sector in the Hume region through working with agri-food businesses to deliver specific research aimed at solving operational challenges. 

Announced date: 8 September 2021  

Press release: Driving Innovation In The Goulburn Valley Fruit Bowl  

More information:  

Zero Emissions Energy Lab – $4.7 million

Platform to develop and commercialise clean energy technologies with industry partners, including support for startups. 

Announced date: 2 August 2021  

Press release: New CBD Precinct Spearheads Social And Digital Innovation  

Melbourne Connect - Innovation and Incubation – $6 million

Funding for university-industry engagement, research and commercialisation activity in digital sectors at Melbourne Connect.  

Announced date: 2 August 2021  

Press release: New CBD Precinct Spearheads Social And Digital Innovation  

More information:  


Monash University

Smart Manufacturing & Commercialisation Hub – $16.1 million

Capital works and research infrastructure to extend the current advanced manufacturing in biomedical innovation and pharmaceutical sciences at the Monash Parkville campus through to the Monash Clayton campus. Creating smart manufacturing, a start-up incubator and collaboration space that will provide the industry with early access to Monash’s research and business talent pipeline.  

Announced date: 01 September 2021  

Press release: New Monash Hubs To Boost COVID Vaccine Manufacturing  

Family Violence Workforce Pathways and Access to Justice – $8.67 million

Refurbishing part of the Menzies Building, Clayton campus to provide dedicated research facilities and office space. The Project also funds three research streams: 1. to generate the evidence-based needed and the practice tools required to ensure that women who have experienced family violence can successfully re-engage with paid work and where desired contribute to family violence advocacy, policy and practice reform. 2. to develop a suite of analysis reports for government and the family violence sector 3. to build an evidence base on how public sector workplaces can enhance gender equality within the workplace.  

Announced date: 24 May 2021  

Press release: Providing Better Pathways For Family Violence Survivors  

Health Innovation Centre – $17.5 million

Refurbish a building to create flexible office space and collaborative research facilities to facilitate the development of innovative ideas and enable a ‘virtual front-door' for clinical research trials, specifically focused on cardiovascular disease and investment attraction. It will also act as an industry collaboration and commercialisation accelerator and business incubator by engaging sponsors, investors and partners with access to public and private health providers.  

Announced date: 22 September 2021  

Press release: National First Centre to Drive Heart Health Research  

Net Zero Initiative – $11 million

Upgrading several Monash campus buildings to reduce their emissions. For example, by using a distributed energy generation and storage at an on-site microgrid. This project is supporting Monash to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2030 and be a leading demonstration site for low emissions technologies. 

Announced date: 20 October 2021  

Press release: Helping Monash University Slash Emissions To Net Zero  

Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation – $1,005,100

Develop research infrastructure to advance expertise in medicinal chemistry and compound optimisation to meet the demands of national drug discovery programs.  

Victorian Node of Microscopy Australia – $2,800,000

Deliver next-generation research infrastructure capabilities by way of a 300keV dedicated cryo-TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) for structural and cellular biomedical advances. Enabling major drug discovery programs and breakthroughs in advanced manufacturing, new materials, energy storage and new electronic devices. 

Capital Upgrade of the ANFF (Victorian Node) – $3,476,550

Upgrade capacity and equipment at the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) Victoria Node. Supporting small scale manufacturing and prototyping from early development through to direct translation and commercialisation of technologies in medical research, advanced manufacturing and renewable energy.  

Victorian node Platforms of Bioplatforms Australia (Victorian node) – $9,775,000

Build new research infrastructure for the development of metabolomics and proteomics to revolutionise how antibody and small molecule drugs bind to targets, particularly in the context of cancer and infectious diseases. The research will also provide critical quality control outcomes in the context of drugs that contain lipid nanoparticles.  

Announced date: 6 April 2022  

Press release: Monash-led projects awarded $17 million in VHESIF funding  


RMIT University

CBD North - Precinct Activation & Innovation Spine – $14.36 million

Master planning and development within RMIT's CBD North Precinct, including the establishment of the Multifaith and Wellbeing Centre and the Asia Trade & Innovation Hub.$14,360,351 

Digital and Business Transformation – $6.68 million

Includes a range of digital-based initiatives and infrastructure including high-performance supercomputing infrastructure and digital support for industry, including improving safety in workplaces through digitisation and enhancing data analytics capability  

Social Innovation – $13.87 million

Research into social-based innovation including digital health/medical systems, the justice system, social services & enterprises and developing digital biosciences facilities.  

Future Industry Transformation – $9.69 million

Establish applied research hubs focused on the circular economy, digital industry, advanced manufacturing and the space industry.  

Announced date: 22 June 2021 (all RMIT projects were announced on this date)  

Press release: RMIT Projects To Spark New Life In City North Precinct  

Supporting the Electrification of Victoria’s Future Fleet

Infrastructure for an electric vehicle living lab and the initiation of four applied research streams to study the technical and legal aspects of public and private fleet electrification.  

Announced date: 15 February 2022  

Press release: Major investment charges Victoria’s electric vehicle transition  


Swinburne University of Technology

MedTechVic – $6.7 million

Develop a Framework that supports the supply chain for assistive technologies (that support people to participate in work, education and social activities), from the ideation and identification of new product opportunities through to clinical validation and end-user testing, feedback and local manufacturing.  

Announced date: 10 September  

Press release: Australian-First MedTech Project Improves Victorian Lives 

Victorian Hydrogen Hub (VH2) – $10 million

Construction and commissioning of an integrated Hydrogen Demonstration site and implementation of a Victorian Hydrogen Industry Capability Program with large-scale hydrogen industry and community engagement programs to generate active partnerships. Also establishing an Australian-first international hydrogen partnership with Germany.  

Announced date: 7 February 2021  

Press release: Hydrogen Hub Cements Victoria As Clean Energy Leader  

Woiwurrung named Supercomputing Facility (OzSTAR Upgrade) – $5.2 million

Supercomputing facility that will continue to operate as an NCRIS-funded national facility for astronomy.  

Announced date: 1 February 2022  

Press release: New supercomputer to herald next generation of discoveries  

Aerostructures Innovation Research (AIR) Hub – $12 million

Victoria will be the home of an Australian-first advanced manufacturing research hub for aircraft parts and vertical lift aerostructures. Aerostructures Innovation Research (AIR) Hub will research and develop next-generation aircraft components, enhance aircraft wings, develop technologies for driverless passenger, cargo and medical vehicles as well as explore clean, green air travel. The project will also work to upskill airline staff impacted by the pandemic by developing skills and training plans for the local industry and designing a manufacturing blueprint for Victoria’s future. 

Announced date: 6 November 2021  


Victoria University

Education Innovation Hub – $8.8 million

A group of four applied research projects that will deliver action research solutions to reduce transition barriers and increase student success across educational offerings in higher education and vocational education and training.  

Announced date: 24 August 2021  

Press release: Community Research Hubs To Bolster Melbourne’s West  

Jobs & Skills Innovation Hub – $2.6 million

A group of four applied research projects that will facilitate the development and implementation of solutions to support skills and job growth, as well as safe and inclusive work environments in Melbourne’s West.  

Announced date: 24 August 2021  

Press release: Community Research Hubs To Bolster Melbourne’s West  

Stronger Communities Innovation Hub – $5.8 million

A group of four applied research projects focused on improving the health, wellbeing and resilience of socially disadvantaged communities in Melbourne’s West.  

Announced date: 24 August 2021  

Press release: Community Research Hubs To Bolster Melbourne’s West  

Sustainable Futures Innovation Hub – $4.9 million

A group of four applied research projects focused on responsible consumption and production practices in the water, construction and packaging industries to support the advancement of the circular economy and waste reduction.  

Announced date: 15 April 2021  

Press release: New Innovation Hub To Create Sustainable Future Today