Boosting apprenticeship commencements

The Victorian Government is encouraging Victorian job seekers and employers to take up the opportunity to support Victoria's economic recovery.

The Commonwealth Government’s ‘Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements’ wage subsidy program enables eligible Victorian employers to receive a 50% wage subsidy (of up to $7,000 every three months) to hire new apprentices and trainees, including those that previously lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic.

For further details, download the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements factsheet.

Eligibility for the wage subsidy

The Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements wage subsidy program starts on 5 October 2020 for all eligible apprenticeships and traineeships.

The wage subsidy is available for employers of apprentices and trainees under an approved training contract. It can be used towards employing retrenched apprentices and trainees who lost their job during coronavirus (COVID-19).

The program is limited to the first 100,000 places and covers wages until 30 September 2021, so it's vital to get in touch with your local AASN provider or Group Training Organisation (GTO) as soon as possible.

Your eligibility for the wage subsidy will depend on if you're an employer looking to hire an apprentice or trainee, or if you're interested in becoming an apprentice or trainee.

Start an apprenticeship or traineeship

The Boosting Apprenticeships Commencement wage subsidy is available for employers to claim across any industry or company size within approved occupations.

The wage subsidy is intended to encourage employers to take on new apprentices and trainees, providing job seekers an opportunity to earn an income while undertaking an approved qualification at Certificate II level or higher.

There are no additional eligibility requirements for an employer to claim the subsidy and it will not impact on your wages as an apprentice or trainee.

Other supports available

If you're starting an apprenticeship and need a car for work purposes, you may also be eligible for the Victorian Government’s half-price car registration

You may also be eligible for other Australian Government incentives and financial assistance

Find out how to get started as an apprentice or trainee at Australian Apprenticeships Pathways

Finding a training course or registering as a retrenched apprentice

You can search available courses on the Victorian Skills Gateway and find an occupation that suits you.

If you are a retrenched apprentice or trainee, you can register online with the retrenched apprentices and trainees program.

Hire an apprentice or trainee

The Boosting Apprenticeships Commencements wage subsidy is available to any employer in approved occupations, regardless of industry or company size.

Employers will need to employ an apprentice or trainee under an approved Training Contract and enrol the apprentice or trainee in formal training in order to claim the subsidy.

The subsidy cannot be combined with JobKeeper or the Supporting Apprenticeships and Trainees (SAT) wage subsidy. Employers can only receive one wage subsidy for each apprenticeship or trainee.

You may also be eligible for other Australian Government employer incentives, such as for commencing or completing an apprentice or trainee.

Find out how to get started with hiring an apprentice or trainee on the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways

Additional Victorian initiatives and funding

  1. Working for Victoria

    The Victorian Government is supporting 300 young Victorians into apprenticeships and traineeships.

  2. Major Project Skills Guarantee (MPSG)

    Provides opportunities for Victorian apprentices, trainees and cadets to work on some of Victoria's biggest building and infrastructure projects.

  3. Head Start

    A new model for apprenticeships and traineeships for school students completing their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) at school.

  4. Find work with a group training organisation (GTO)

    GTOs finds and works with employers to find suitable 'host' opportunities for apprentices and trainees.

  5. Retrenched Apprentices and Trainees Program

    A dedicated program to help apprentices and trainees who have lost their job due to coronavirus (COVID-19) find new employment and training opportunities.

Ready to take the next steps?

Get in touch with the Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service (AATIS) through their enquiry form or by phone