School bus program for rural and regional Victoria

​​​​​Students living in rural and regional Victoria may be able to get free transport to school through the School bus program.


There are a number of different criteria families are required to meet to be eligible for the school bus program. For more information, see:

Apply for the program

You must use one of the application forms below and arrange for families​ to fill their designated sections. Schools then submit the form/s to the Department.

Use the application form that matches the student's eligibility.

Administration documents

Bus fares

Students who are not eligible for the program, and the general public who use a school bus program service must pay a fare. The 2018 fare is $120 per term or $480 per year.

Schools must submit collected fares each term to the Department. Use this template to record student and travel details: Fare Remittance Advice Form (xlsx - 36.9kb)

Please include a hard copy with fare remittance (if paying by cheque) and also email a copy to


The school bus program is an extensive school bus network that provides travel at no cost to eligible government and non-government students living in rural and regional Victoria.

The school bus network is administered by Public Transport Victoria and carries over 65,000 students each school day on approximately 1500 school bus routes at a cost of $205 million per annum.