Sister school case studies

Learn how Victorian schools have benefited from Sister School parternships.

Bendigo Team China

A unique networked sister school arrangement, with 14 Bendigo primary schools partnering with Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) Sister Schools in China, this partnership allows the small and low SES rural Victorian schools with limited cultural diversity to experience another culture through activities such as teacher professional learning, student reciprocal visits, and language learning. To view the video, see: Bendigo Team China

Camberwell Grammar School

A long standing language-based sister school partnership with Nanjing Foreign Language School in China, the partnership has impacted significantly on whole school and community. Activities include annual reciprocal visits from students and teachers with home stay arrangement. To view the video, see: Camberwell Grammar School

Christian College Geelong

This case study showcases a long standing language-based sister school partnership with Naga High School in Japan. The partnership encompasses reciprocal visits and long-term student exchanges. Graduates from both schools can participate in a language assistant exchange program where they gain work experience and further develop language skills assisting in classes. For more information, see: Christian College Geelong

Delacombe Primary School

This case study showcases the strong commitment from leadership in both schools. The partnership between Delacombe Primary School and its sister school Xing Zhi Primary School in Nanjing China (est. 2010) is aligned with school mission and goals and is fully embedded in the curriculum. To view the video, see: Delacombe Primary School

Heathmont Secondary College

Heathmont Secondary College has developed a sister school partnership with Indonesia through the BRIDGE program. They are also involved in mentoring beginning teachers in other Victorian schools and have developed a cluster model with their local feeder primary schools to provide continuity in Indonesian language learning. This inspirational video captures some of the impressive work being undertaken at the school. To view a video about thier experience, see: Heathmont Secondary College

Malvern Primary School

The sister school partnership with Nanjing Youfu West Street Primary School in China is embedded in the school and covers a wide range of focus areas, involves the whole community and has had a significant impact on many aspects of school life. Chinese language has been introduced. Reciprocal visits have taken place. Teacher shadowing and pedagogical discussion is a part of the sister school partnership. A whole school Studies of Asia program has been implemented. To view the video, see: Malvern Primary School

Mount Waverley Secondary College

The case study focuses on success factors in hosting visits from sister schools in Japan and Germany, and explores what factors encourage students to participate in an exchange program. To view this video, see: Mount Waverley Secondary College

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

The sister school partnership with Datong High School in China features reciprocal study tours, themed visits, eg. musical and sporting tours and long-term teacher exchange (two terms). To view the video, see: Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

Princes Hill Primary School

The school enjoys a three way partnership with a school in Hong Kong and a school in mainland China. The unique feature of the partnerships lies in the planned professional learning for teachers and research tasks for students who undertake the reciprocal visits. Reciprocal teaching via Polycom video facility to model and learn from each other is another feature. To view the video, see: Princes Hill Primary School

Rowville Secondary College

This case study showcases a non language-based sister school partnership with Motoyama Junior High School in Japan that has endured three changes of leadership in the Japanese sister school. Relationship is linked to School Strategic Plan and show depth in thinking about how success factors will identified and captured. To view the video, see Rowville Secondary College

St Kilda Primary School

This case study showcases a long standing language-based sister school program with Ishigase Elementary School in Japan. Apart from the reciprocal visits and collaboration between language teachers in both schools, the school stages an annual Matsuri Day Celebration that involves the local preschool and high school. To view the video, see: St Kilda Primary School

St Monica’s College Epping

The sister school partnership with Takada Junior and Senior High School in Japan ties in with the school mission of developing comprehensive and global perspectives of all students. Activities include reciprocal visits with home stay component. To view the video, see: St Monica's College