Sister school partnerships

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Sister school partnerships are meaningful, reciprocal and sustainable long-term partnerships between two schools. They are aimed at meeting the needs of school communities.

Partnership locations and aims

Partnerships can be within Victoria, interstate or international and are based on the principles of mutual benefit and reciprocity.

Sister school partnerships can be aimed at:

  • broadening students' perspectives
  • developing students' intercultural understanding
  • enhancing student language learning
  • contributing to a whole school program of internationalisation
    building teacher capacity.

The opportunity to develop a sister school partnership is open to any school.

Why enter a partnership

Research shows that sister school programs have a significant positive effect on the global awareness and attitudes of school students. The benefits are of greatest significance during the third year of partnerships, once they are well established.

The most commonly reported benefit of a partnership is the contribution made to intercultural understanding within the school community, followed by an increased understanding of one's own culture and country.

Resource kit

The sister school resource kit includes information about effective sister school partnerships and how they can contribute to preparing your students for life as active and engaged citizens.

It is aimed at all schools, including if you're taking the first steps to establish a partnership or if you already have an established partnership.

Find a sister school

Schools Connect is a system that connects Victorian schools with schools around the world for sister school partnerships or for project collaboration.

You need to apply for an account before you can access the system.

If you already have an eduMail account (includes all Victorian government schools), email with your school name, contact person and "Schools Connect" in the subject. We will then provide you with your personalised school profile webpage to complete.

If you do not have an eduMail account (includes overseas schools), see request account and follow Schools Connect users manual (pdf - 509.52kb)

Get advice

For more information on sister school partnerships, email