AusVELS Levels 1 and 2

In Science, achievement standards describe the quality of learning that would indicate the student is well placed to commence the learning required at the next level of achievement.

In their planning, schools and teachers refer to the expectations outlined in the achievement standard and also to the content descriptions of the Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour, Science Inquiry Skills strand of the science curriculum.

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Science achievement standardsFocus Ideas including teaching activities

At Level 1, the student is working towards the Level 2 standard.

By the end of Level 2, students describe the effects of interacting with materials and objects. They identify and describe a range of habitats and the different uses of materials and resources. They describe changes to objects, materials, living things and things in their local environment. They describe examples of how people use science in their daily lives.

Students pose questions about everyday phenomena and predict outcomes of investigations. They use informal measurements to make and compare observations. They follow instructions to record, sort and represent their observations and communicate their ideas to others.

Physical sciences

Biological sciences

Chemical sciences

Earth and space sciences

Science Inquiry Skills