Language program funding

​Government school funding

Government schools are funded through their Student Resource Package (SRP) to provide programs in all curriculum areas, including Languages.​

Principals can access a report which identifies the current notional languages education budget within the SRP Core. For information about how to access the Languages Education - Notional Budget report, see:

Other resources and support

Schools are encouraged to explore cluster or cooperative arrangements to share resources. This could include linking students and teachers from different schools to undertake learning activities, sharing electronic and hard copy resources, curriculum planning to ensure consistency and continuity, and flexible delivery by video or web conferencing.

The Department provides a number of paid and volunteer language assistant programs to support the delivery of languages education programs in schools. For more information, see: Assistants for languages programs

The Department’s Languages Unit and/or language-specific teacher associations will be able to advise on any grants available from foreign governments or cultural organisations to support the teaching of a specific language. For more information, see: Professional learning

The Languages and Multicultural Education Resource Centre (LMERC) provides resources in 40 different languages and includes resources for curriculum development as well as practical classroom materials. Items can be posted to schools in rural areas and renewed by phone or email. For more information, see: LM​ERC