Digital Storybooks

The English Online Interview Digital Storybooks have been developed to support teachers in administering the English Online Interview. Teachers can choose to use the Digital Storybooks as an alternative to reading the English Online Interview books aloud to students, ensuring a consistent approach to how the books are read and conveyed to all students.
Teachers can use the Digital Storybooks one-to-one with individual students or present them to the whole class via an interactive whiteboard.

The Digital Storybooks are read by a narrator, with the pages turning automatically. After each page is read, there is a pause of approximately ten seconds before the page turns to allow the student time to look at the illustrations. Additional controls allow the teacher to turn the audio on and off, pause and jump to a specific page.  

The English Online Interview Digital Storybooks are only to be used as part of the English Online Interview.


The storybooks above use Shockwave Flash, so they may not work on mobile devices.

For optimal viewing of the Digital Storybooks teachers should ensure their screen resolution is set to 1024 by 768 pixels.

  • Windows: Change screen resolution by selecting: Start → Control panel → Display → Settings
  • Mac: Change screen resolution by selecting: System Preferences → Displays

Please refresh the webpage if the Digital Storybooks do not play correctly - for example, if the additional control buttons do not work or the audio is out of sync with the text.