Occupational Health and Safety

​Schools are required to adequately prepare students for the risks and hazards they may face in the workplace. The Department has produced a number of occupational health and safety resources to support schools to implement workplace learning programs. The OHS section provides teachers with resources to help prepare students for their placements and includes links to the following programs:


safe@work is an occupational health and safety program for secondary school students undertaking work experience. It is designed to help students improve their knowledge and understanding of occupational health and safety matters before entering a workplace.

A Job Well Done

A Job Well Done video is an occupational health and safety program for secondary students with disabilities or impairments undertaking work experience. The program provides these students with a general awareness of workplace health and safety. It can assist in preparing students for work experience by exposing them to issues relating to the 'world of work'.

For more information, see: A Job Well Done

The Workplace Learning Toolbox

The Workplace Learning Toolbox is a suite of resources to enhance the quality of workplace learning for students undertaking work experience, structured workplace learning and school-based apprenticeships or traineeships.  These resources aim to provide young people with information about the work enrivonment, with a strong focus on occupational health and safety.

The Toolbox was developed in consultation with WorkSafe Victoria and other relevant stakeholders. The Toolbox should be used to support safe@work and A Job Well Done as well the OHS modules in VET programs.

The Toolbox contains 14 short video clips with accompanying teacher notes, lesson plans and student activities together with information brochures on workplace learning for students, educators, employers and parents/guardians.

To access the Workplace Learning Toolbox click on the following link: Workplace Learning Toolbox

Further OHS resources

In addition, WorkSafe Victoria has developed several publications specifically about the training and supervision needs of young workers. In the case of work experience and structured workplace learning students, the most relevant is: