Workplace learning health and safety

​Schools must adequately prepare students for the risks and hazards they may face in the workplace. Use the resources in this section to help prepare students for their placements.

Child safe standards

The child safe standards are compulsory minimum standards for all Victorian schools to help ensure the safety of children.

Ministerial Order 870 requires the school governing authority to develop and implement risk management strategies. The strategies are to ensure child safety in school environments. School environments include workplace learning environments where students undertake work experience, structured workplace learning, school community work (volunteering) and school based apprenticeships and traineeships.

Use these guides to help you comply with the requirements of Ministerial Order 870:

For more information about the standards, see: Child protection (PROTECT)


safe@work is an occupational health and safety program for secondary school students undertaking work experience. It is designed to help students improve their knowledge and understanding of occupational health and safety matters before entering a workplace.

    A Job Well Done

    A Job Well Done video is an occupational health and safety program for secondary students with disabilities or impairments undertaking work experience. The program provides these students with a general awareness of workplace health and safety

    The Workplace Learning Toolbox

    The Workplace Learning Toolbox is a suite of resources to enhance the quality of workplace learning for students undertaking work experience, structured workplace learning and school-based apprenticeships or traineeships.