Run VET programs for secondary students

Schools registered as training organisations (RTOs) may run VET programs for students. Alternatively, schools may engage external RTOs, including TAFE institutes, to deliver VET programs either directly or through auspicing arrangements.

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority offers VCE VET programs which give students the opportunity to gain both the VCE and a VET qualification.

Students can also study VET through school-based or part-time apprenticeships and traineeships.

VET programs can contribute towards the completion of VCE or VCAL.

Get VET Booklet

The Get VET Booklet details a wide range of available opportunities. You can use this to make informed decisions for the future.

Contracts for the purchase of VET programs from external providers

Government schools must use contracts and purchasing agreements when entering into an arrangement to provide their students with VET programs.

Targeted VET funding

Government schools

VET programs in government schools are primarily funded through the core student learning component of the Student Resource Package (SRP). To support the higher cost of provision in this area, government schools are also provided with targeted VET funding based on an eight band model. There is also a rural weighting for students enrolled in schools with a location index of 0.2 and above. 

The SRP guide provides an estimate of the component of the SRP that should contribute to the provision of VET programs, as well as outlining how schools may use their targeted VET funding.

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Non-government schools

Non-government schools with queries on funding for VET programs should contact either: