Settlement Support

Schools must effectively support the settlement needs of refugee students and their families. The key to developing this support is to create mechanisms that facilitate and foster positive and supportive interactions between, and referrals to, the community and service providers.

  • Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS) - promotes the skills and knowledge needed for people from refugee and humanitarian backgrounds to begin their new lives in Australia and to build the skills to participate in Australia’s economic and social life.

  • School Focused Youth Service - works with schools and community organisations to support at risk young people who require prevention or early intervention strategies to assist their learning, development, health and wellbeing.

Communicating with families

Encouraging good home-school relationships is important in facilitating the best educational outcomes for refugee students. Strategies for encouraging communication with and involvement of parents and guardians of refugee students include:

  • thinking about the most effective way to communicate with parents and families – oral or written, or both
  • encouraging the involvement of parents in school activities and parent groups/associations
  • working with a Multicultural Education Aide (MEA) or bilingual worker to improve communication with parents
  • learning about the previous educational experiences of students and their families to help understand the differences and similarities with schooling in Australia.

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