Multicultural Education Aides (MEAs)

Each year funding is provided to eligible government schools for the employment of multicultural education aides (MEAs).

English as an Additional Language (EAL) index funding is provided for students who meet EAL eligibility criteria. Where a school reaches the EAL funding threshold, this funding is inclusive of MEA and EAL teacher funding.

MEAs provide an invaluable service to schools, EAL students and school communities. MEAs are able to assist with:

  • effective communication between students and teachers in the classroom
  • integrating EAL learners into school activities by helping them to understand school expectations and goals
  • assisting teachers to understand the home cultures and the expectations families have of the school and of education in general
  • assisting newly arrived families in their settlement into the new educational community.

The MEA handbook (pdf - 987.59kb) | The MEA handbook (docx - 2.24mb) – provides advice to schools about the employment and roles of MEAs in Victorian government schools.