Student Data Transfer

The timely and accurate transfer of student information is critical to the success of a transition.

Data transfer is key to a successful transition

​​​The timely and accurate transfer of student information is critical to the success of a transition. 

This requires primary schools to update student data and information and then transfer this information to the secondary school once a Year 6 student has had a Year 7 placement offer confirmed. Ensuring the ​destination secondary school has a minimum set of information about a newly enrolled Year 7 student is possibly the most important component for a successful transition.

It is equally important that secondary schools import and use the information provided to enable the school to offer the best possible support for a successful transition, as well as meet their legal and duty-of-care obligations. 

Regardless of whether a student is transferri​​ng from one government school to another, transferring interstate, or transferring to a non-government school, it is important that current information and data is transferred with them. 

Student Data Transfer - Year 6 to Year 7 process

Transferring student information using CASES21 

CASES21 is the computer software provided to Victorian government schools, used to support administrative, financial and reporting processes.

CASES21 provides a secure means of transferring student information from one Victorian government school to another. Enhancements to CASES21 have been made, and are available to all government schools to enable information about a student’s wellbeing and health to be transferred along with their achievement data. 

From July 2017 it will be a mandatory requirement for schools to transfer student information using CASES21.

​For detailed instructions on how to import and export student data, see Chapter 12 of the CASES21 User Guide.

If you have additional queries regarding CASES21, see CASES​21 support​​​.

Student data transfer process

Primary schools must:

  • identify all students transferring to secondary schools
  • ensure current student information is accurate:

Schools with eCASES access

Teachers and coordinators may have access to update student details. This information will automatically update in CASES21.

Schools without eCASES access 

Download a copy of the Current Student Details (CSD) form for each student transferring. Teachers/coordinators should check the information on the CSD for each student and update the form as appropriate for uploading into CASES21.

All schools

All schools are to ensure that whichever approach is taken, all student information is accurate.

  • ensure that all Student Supports reports and files, which are unable to be sent via CASES21, are sent seperately to the receiving secondary school
  • export all student information via CASES21 to receiving secondary schools

Secondary schools must:

  • download all incoming student information from CASES21
  • follow-up with primary schools any outstanding attachments not received from the primary schools, (additional reports and files related to Student Supports)

For further information regarding the Department's student data transfer requirements, see:


Primary schools

Following notification to parents/carers of placement (generally August), primary schools must:

  • ​Update student details in CASES21*, including​
    1. ​​the transfer date as the last date the student attended/ will attend class
    2. ​transfer note (if applicable) that has been reviewed by the transferring principal.
  • ​​​initiate Year 6 SDT process in CASES21 by selecting and exporting students to placement schools

​*​CASES21 automatically updates the Victorian Student Register (VSR) as well as generating the Student Enrolment Information Form and Student Information Full Details Report.

Secondary schools

Once students have enrolled, secondary schools are required to:

  • ​import student data received from Primary School to CASES21​
  • generate Student Enrolment Information Form (SEIF) and send to new parents/carers to update. No other admission/enrolment form is required​
  • update student data on CASES21 with changes provided by parents/carers.

Privacy and consent

​​​​When a Victorian government school student transfers to another Victorian government school, that student’s personal, achievement and health information can be sent to the new school via CASES21. As the Department, including all Victorian schools, is one legal entity, parent consent is not required to transfer this information. More information can be found in the Schools Policy and Advisory Guide.

Victorian government schools may not share a student's personal or health information with another school before that student has been accepted, unless consent is given. ​

This means that when a parent (or student on their own behalf) is enquiring about a possible placement at another Victorian government school, the student's current school cannot share personal or health information about that student with that potential new school, unless the parent (or student) has consented.

For further information, see:

Additional support materials

A range of additional support materials have been developed to provide schools information and assistance with the student data transfer process.

Support Services Tab Quick Guide

This document provides a summary of the information schools are required to enter in each field in the Student Supports Tab:

Restrictions/Risks Tab Quick Guide;

This document provides a summary of student information schools are required to check and update in the Restrictions/Risks Tab prior to transferring to a school.

Transferring 'foreseeable risk' Information Sheet

This provides information relating to identifying and, where appropriate, sharing and transferring information about foreseeable risks for students transferring to a new school.

CASES21 Frequently Asked Questions

This document addresses frequently asked questions to assist schools with using the new student data transfer functionality.

Other key references