School enrolment and the law

​In Victoria, it's the law that all children between six and 17 years old are:

  • enrolled at a registered school
  • or registered for home schooling
  • unless they have a reasonable excuse.

If parents do not enrol a child at a registered school or register for home schooling they may receive a school enrolment notice, infringement notice or face court proceedings. 

Home schooling

Home schooling in Victoria is a legally recognised alternative to attending a registered school. Parents who wish to home school their child must satisfy the requirements of the Victorian Regulation and Qualifications Authority.


Exemptions may be granted where a student:

  • has reached 6 years old but has not started school and is eligible to be enrolled in a first or second year of funded kindergarten
  • has not reached 17 years but will leave school or
  • is absent from school due to employment in the entertainment industry.​

To apply , see the exemption policy. Non-government schools should follow the same process.​