Enforce school enrolment: referrals and enquiries

​This is the first stage in enforcing school enrolment.

These guidelines are for school attendance officers.​

Receive a referral

Any person can make a referral about a child of school age who does not appear to be enrolled in school or registered for home schooling. The person making the referral is encouraged to use the community referral form (docx - 120.81kb)

The referral needs to include:

  1. the full name and date of birth of the child
  2. the name and address of a parent responsible for that child’s enrolment.

If the referral includes contact details, send an acknowledgement that the matter is being investigated.

If there's not enough information, notify the referrer. Keep a record of the incomplete referral, in case more referrals are made about the same child.

Make enquiries

Before you can send a notice, you must have a reasonable belief that a child is not enrolled at a school or registered for home schooling.

To establish this belief, you are authorised to check if:

  • there is a record on the Victorian student register that the student is currently enrolled at a school
  • there is a current or pending registration for home schooling with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications and Authority (VRQA)
  • the child is enrolled at the designated Victorian government school.

If a current enrolment is found

Notify the principal that there's concerns about the child’s attendance. The principal should then monitor the child’s attendance. If attendance issues are ongoing, the principal should refer to the procedures outlined in the school attendance guidelines.

If home schooling is confirmed

If a registration for home schooling is confirmed, the officer should notify the VRQA that there are concerns about whether the child is receiving instruction. The officer should also advise that the VRQA may wish to make further investigations.

If there's no current enrolment or home schooling

If no current enrolment or registration for home schooling is found, you should send a school enrolment notice.

If you have concerns about a child

You should make a referral to Child FIRSTif you form the view that:

  • lack of parental support may have a low to moderate impact on the child
  • and the immediate safety of the child is not compromised.

A referral may be suitable where families are showing or reporting factors that may impact on the child’s participation in education.

The Child FIRST team will do an assessment of the family and may consult an experienced child protection worker. This assessment may lead to the involvement of a local family services organisation or child protection. Child FIRST will inform the attendance officer of the outcome.