Access online transition statements for new prep students

The new Policy and Advisory Library (PAL) is now available. This page will be redirected to PAL from the start of Term 3. Make sure to update your bookmarks to the new PAL site.

You can access transition learning and development statements (TLDS) for students starting at your school through the Insight platform.

This information is for Victorian government schools. You can also read our transition statement information for early childhood services.

The process

  1. Early childhood services create statements and send them to the school nominated by the child's parent or guardian. Most statements will be submitted via the Insight Assessment platform. Some may be via email, post or through the family.
  2. The Insight administrator at your school links the TLDS to a student record. They also upload any manual or printed statements received.
  3. Teachers can view the TLDS of students who are linked to them in CASES21. You must be a student's home group teacher in CASES21 to see their statement.
  4. If a student's enrolment has not been confirmed yet, you may need to speak to the Insight administrator to get a copy of the TLDS.

Log in

  1. Visit the Insight platform
  2. Read the privacy information and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Choose sector as 'DET'
  4. If prompted, use your eduMail user ID (TO number) and password to log in to the platform.

School user guide

Read the school user guide (docx - 1.43mb) for Insight administrators and teachers.

The user guide includes:

  • accessing TLDS
  • attaching a TLDS to a student record
  • printing and downloading
  • returning TLDS to the early childhood service (if required).

Screen recordings have also been made to showcase how to complete common actions on the Insight platform.

Accessing transition learning and development statements (TLDS) on the Insight Assessment Platform

Uploading TLDS to Insight

Linking TLDS

Printing TLDS and summary reports

Removal of TLDS

Technical support

Speak to your school's Insight administrator first. This is usually the principal or someone they've nominated.

If the administrator cannot solve the issue: