Help for families facing hardship (State Schools' Relief)

​​​This page contains information for schools. If you're a parent or carer, see: For parents: Help for families facing hardship.

If you have a family who is struggling to meet the costs of school uniforms, shoes and books for their children, you may be able to receive these for free or at a discount through State Schools’ Relief.

Families with children in government schools in any year level can receive help if they are facing one or more of the following:

  • health issues resulting in serious financial difficulty
  • house fires where school clothing is lost
  • natural disasters
  • serious financial difficulty.

What you should do

Schools, not families, can apply to State Schools’ Relief for this support.

If you are aware of a family that may be experiencing financial difficulties, set up a meeting with them and discuss the possibility of them being eligible for support through State Schools' Relief.

If you are unsure if a family qualifies, Victorian government school principals, assistant principals or student welfare coordinators can contact State Schools’ Relief on 8769 8400.

Applications are processed within 24 to 48 hours and items are discreetly delivered to schools by courier within three working days, free of charge.

You can also make a request for assistance via the State Schools' Relief website

School uniforms

Students starting prep or year 7 in 2018 who meet the criteria for the Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF) are automatically able to get help with uniforms.

For the criteria to receive CSEF, see: Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund

The school where the eligible student is attending in 2018 must apply for a uniform pack on behalf of a family. The process is:

  1. Parents apply for CSEF to the school before the closing date. For information on processing CSEF applications, see: Manage CSEF
  2. Schools make an application for a uniform pack via the State Schools' Relief website

    Applications for year 7 uniform packs are now open.
    Applications for prep students will open from 16 April 2018 and close at the end of term 3.
  3. Applications will be verified by the Department. Uniform items or a voucher are usually dispatched within 5 working days.

If your school is not already registered with SSR, or you're unsure of the eligibility requirements, phone 03 8769 8400 for assistance.

For information on what the uniform pack includes and voucher conditions, see: Parents: Help with school uniforms

State Schools' Relief does not provide cash payments or reimbursements.

Information sheets for schools

Fact sheet for schools: prep students (docx - 62.84kb)

Fact sheet for schools: prep students (pdf - 807.62kb)

Fact sheet for schools: year 7 students (docx - 59.88kb)

Fact sheet for schools: year 7 students​ (pdf - 326.48kb)

About State Schools' Relief

State Schools' Relief works closely with all government schools across Victoria. Each year State Schools' Relief assists families who are experiencing financial disadvantage with school clothing, shoes and other essential items. For more information, see: State Schools' Relief website

State Schools' Relief has received additional government funding so that it can help more families needing financial assistance and ensure no one is left behind. This extra funding is being used by State Schools' Relief to assist prep and year 7 students in Victorian government schools who receive CSEF.