Student engagement strategies

There is a range of prevention and intervention strategies that schools can put in place to promote and maintain student engagement in school.

Students who demonstrate challenging behaviours and/or are experiencing barriers to engagement in school that may need additional support and interventions to address these issues and improve their engagement.

Identifying students at risk

As well as putting these strategies into practice with students, school staff should also include specific strategies in their student engagement policy and outline how these will be used to address individual or collective needs within their school environment.

For more information and tools for identifying students who may be at risk of disengagement, see: Identify students at risk   ​​​

If you need further assistance with any matters relating to student participation and engagement, please contact the:

  • Health wellbeing and engagement manager
  • Health wellbeing and engagement officers
  • Youth pathways and transition manager, or
  • Community liaison officer in your regional office.

To locate your nearest office, see: Regions