Teaching incentives, scholarships and financial help

​​Financial help is available if you're wanting to upskill as a teacher, studying to become a teacher, or you're a new graduate.

Inclusive Education Grants initiative

You could be eligible for a scholarship to undertake VIT-endorsed postgraduate studies in Special Education or Applied Behaviour Analysis if you are currently teaching in a Victorian government school. This opportunity is available through the Inclusive Education Grants initiative.

The current round of applications closes on 3 June 2018. We can't accept late applications.


To be eligible you must:

  • i) be employed as a teacher by a Victorian government school or ii) be employed by the Victorian Department of Education and Training
  • meet the entry requirements for your chosen course (see below for eligible courses) 
  • commence your chosen course in 2018
  • be willing and able to complete your chosen course, including any requirement to complete a practicum placement where applicable, within four years
  • provide evidence that your principal/manager supports your application
  • not be the recipient of other scholarships for your chosen course.


There are 360 full-fee scholarships available to undertake one of the following courses:

These courses can be undertaken either part-time or full-time (with studies to be completed within four years). They are available in fully online or blended (combination of online and face to face) modes and include a teaching practicum placement (except for the Master of Education - Applied Behaviour Analysis).


Applications open on 23 April 2018 and scholarships will be available for studies commencing in Semester 2, 2018 (late July). Please read the guidelines (docx - 695.25kb) before applying.

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Provide evidence that you are enrolled in, or have applied for, an eligible course
  3. Write a personal statement outlining why you are applying for a scholarship and how you intend to use the knowledge and skills gained through completing your chosen course
  4. Submit a letter or other document, signed by your principal /manager, outlining the reasons why they support your application

Your application will be assessed by a selection panel. We will let you know the outcome within 6 weeks of the closing date. If you're successful you'll need to keep us updated on your studies and progress.

What you get

If successful, tuition fees for your chosen course will be paid via the relevant institution.
You will need to fund additional costs such as textbooks yourself.

The Department will contribute funding towards the cost of casual relief teaching (CRT) associated with your course. CRT coverage requirements should be discussed with your principal at the time of application.

Get advice

For more information about this scholarship email Inclusive.Ed.Grants@edumail.vic.gov.au

Scholarships for rural Victorians

You can receive a cash scholarship if you're studying to be a teacher and live in rural Victora. This is known as the rural scholarship program.

The current round of applications closes on 16 March 2018. We can't accept late applications.


To be eligible, you must:

  • live in rural Victoria
  • enrol in an alternative pathway course (sometimes called a 'bridging course' into university) or a postgraduate course that leads to a teacher qualification
  • demonstrate an interest in becoming a teacher at a Victorian government school.

Rural Victoria means outside Melbourne. You can check your address on this map. If it is outside the green 'major cities' zone, then you're in a rural area.


To apply, you must be enrolled in one of the courses listed below.

These courses lead to an Initial Teacher (ITE) qualification. You need to get an ITE qualification at some point during your studies to eventually become a teacher.

Alternative pathway courses

Australian Catholic University

  • Diploma in Educational Studies (Tertiary Preparation) - Ballarat campus
  • Certificate IV in Education Support (Pathway) - Ballarat campus

Deakin University

  • Associate Degree of Education - Waurn Ponds or Warrnambool campus

Federation University

  • Bachelor of Education Studies - Mt Helen or Churchill campus
  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care - Mt Helen campus

La Trobe University

  • Bachelor of Educational Studies - Bendigo campus

Monash University

  • Diploma of Tertiary Studies - Peninsula campus
  • Diploma of Higher Education - Clayton campus
Postgraduate ITE courses

The University of Melbourne

  • Master of Teaching (Early Childhood/Primary) - Parkville campus
  • Master of Teaching (Primary) - Parkville campus
  • Master of Teaching (Secondary) - Parkville campus


  1. Complete the application form

    Scholarship application form (docx - 637.73kb)
    Scholarship application form

  2. Provide evidence you are enrolled in an eligible course
  3. Write a personal statement on why you are studying and why you want to become a teacher. Don't write more than half a page.

Your application will be assessed by a selection panel. We'll let you know the outcome in about six weeks.

If you're successful you'll need to keep us updated on your studies and progress. If you're studying an alternative pathway course, you'll also need to provide evidence that you've started an ITE course within six months of completing the pathway course.

What you get

The scholarship is paid in two instalments for alternative pathway study:

  • $3000 when you sign the scholarship agreement
  • $2000 when you show evidence you have enrolled in an undergraduate ITE course.

For postgraduate study, you'll receive a single payment of $4000.

The payments are taxable and it's likely that tax will be withheld from the total amount.

Get advice

For more information on the scholarship, see:

Or email scholarship@edumail.vic.gov.au

Financial help while you're studying

The financial help you can get depends on:

  • your circumstances
  • the course you're studying
  • your education provider.

If you're at university, see: Student income support at the StudyAssist website

If you're studying with certain Victorian providers the government may contribute towards the cost of your course. Check if you can get government subsidised training or talk to your school.

For other options, see: Get financial help for your training

Cash incentives for new graduates

Some teaching jobs for new graduates include a cash payment as part of the employment offer. This is called the 'new graduate incentive'.

New graduate incentive jobs are usually advertised between August and December to start work the following school year.

Jobs are advertised in our recruitment system. Use the advanced search and choose the 'New Graduate Incentive' job classification filter.


You must meet the usual requirements to be a teacher and agree to:

  • start working on the date in the incentive agreement
  • work in a Victorian government school for two years or more from the date you start.

The full requirements will be included in the job advertisement.

If you don't work in a government school for two years from your start date, you may need to repay the money.

For more information email: scholarship@edumail.vic.gov.au

For schools: Attracting graduates

You can apply for incentives if your school is having difficulty attracting high quality graduate teachers.

The incentives are designed to be given to graduates as part of an ongoing employment offer.


You can apply if your school:

  • is one of the schools listed below, or has a position in a difficult to recruit curriculum area
  • has a vacant ongoing position
  • can demonstrate the position is hard to staff.

Difficult to recruit curriculum areas are:

  • English
  • information technology/computer science
  • languages other than English
  • mathematics
  • science
  • special education/integration.

Eligible schools have been chosen according to recruitment information in the teacher census. They are:


Three incentive types are available:

  • Category 1: Priority and rural schools - Incentive valued at up to $11,000.
  • Category 2: Provincial and outer metro growth schools - Incentive valued at up to $7,000.
  • Category 3: All other schools with a hard-to-staff teaching vacancy - Incentive valued at up to $4,000.

Graduates who receive the incentive must enter into an agreement to work for a minimum amount of time.


Read the guidelines before applying. Then complete the application form:

Applications should be addressed to:

New Graduate Incentive Program
Teacher Professional Practice Unit
GPO Box 4367
Melbourne VIC 3001

Or email: scholarship@edumail.vic.gov.au

Get advice

For more information, email: scholarship@edumail.vic.gov.au