Scholarships for current teachers and new graduates

​​Financial help is available if you're wanting to upskill as a teacher, or you're a new graduate.

If you're still studying to become a teacher, see study help and scholarships​.

Scholarships currently open

Cash incentives for hard-to-staff teaching positions

Cash incentives for new graduates

Some teaching jobs for new graduates include a cash payment as part of the employment offer. This is called the 'new graduate incentive'.

New graduate incentive jobs are usually advertised between August and December to start work the following school year.

Jobs are advertised in our recruitment system. Use the advanced search and choose the 'New Graduate Incentive' job classification filter.


You must meet the usual requirements to be a teacher and agree to:

  • start working on the date in the incentive agreement
  • work in a Victorian government school for two years or more from the date you start.

The full requirements will be included in the job advertisement.

If you don't work in a government school for two years from your start date, you may need to repay the money.

For more information email:

Upcoming rounds

Inclusive education scholarships initiative

The Inclusive Education Scholarships Initiative is providing scholarships for teachers in Victorian government schools, and other departmental staff, to undertake a VIT endorsed postgraduate course focused on inclusive and special education. There is also the opportunity to undertake a master course in Applied Behaviour Analysis. The initiative is part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to increase the number of highly qualified and specialised inclusive education teachers working in Victorian schools.

For further information on the courses that are offered through the initiative, please follow the links below:

How to apply

The scholarship initiative has 2 intakes per year via application rounds. The next round of scholarships will open from Monday 23 March to Monday 20 April.


The Inclusive Education Grants initiative links to the wider Inclusive Education Agenda Reform - Additional Supports Program arising out of the Review of the Program for Students with Disabilities (pdf - 949.88kb). Supporting students and young children with disabilities and additional needs and strengthening inclusive education is a key Education State priority.

It is important that all educators have the skills and knowledge to confidently and effectively respond to the unique learning needs of all students, including those with disabilities or additional learning needs.

Launched in late 2017 as part of the Inclusive Education Agenda Reform – Additional Supports Program, the Inclusive Education Grants initiative provides scholarship funding for teachers seeking to undertake postgraduate study in inclusive education. Through the Equipment Boost for Schools, the initiative also provides access to specialised equipment and assistive technology to support students with their learning. This will support schools to strengthen their inclusive education practices, so that all students, including those with a disability or an additional learning need, can succeed in their learning.

Inclusive education means that all members of every school community are valued and supported to fully participate, learn, develop and succeed within an inclusive school culture. This initiative is part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to inclusive education by increasing the number of highly qualified and specialised inclusive education teachers working in Victorian schools.

Additional resources

Register your interest

To register your interest and receive further information about this scholarship initiative please contact us via email or (03) 9084 8496.

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Former scholarships

For schools: attracting graduates

The New Graduate Incentive program is currently unavailable. See targeted initiative to attract more teachers for information about support to attract teachers to fill hard-to-staff positions

You can apply for incentives if your school is having difficulty attracting high quality graduate teachers.

The incentives are designed to be given to graduates as part of an ongoing employment offer.


You can apply if your school:

  • is one of the schools listed below, or has a position in a difficult to recruit curriculum area
  • has a vacant ongoing position
  • can demonstrate the position is hard to staff.

Difficult to recruit curriculum areas are:

  • English
  • information technology/computer science
  • languages other than English
  • mathematics
  • science
  • special education/integration.

Eligible schools have been chosen according to recruitment information in the teacher census. They are:


Three incentive types are available:

  • Category 1: Priority and rural schools - Incentive valued at up to $11,000.
  • Category 2: Provincial and outer metro growth schools - Incentive valued at up to $7,000.
  • Category 3: All other schools with a hard-to-staff teaching vacancy - Incentive valued at up to $4,000.

Graduates who receive the incentive must enter into an agreement to work for a minimum amount of time.


Read the guidelines before applying. Then complete the application form:

Applications should be addressed to:

New Graduate Incentive Program
Teacher Professional Practice Unit
GPO Box 4367
Melbourne VIC 3001

Or email:

Get advice

For more information, email:

Career Education study grant applications - extended

There are 150 places available to complete a Graduate Certificate in Career Education. The study grant will provide up to $6,550 to applicants - which covers all of the costs with most providers. The school will also receive up to two days CRT per study grant recipient to support their involvement in coursework.

Applications have been extended to 25 October 2019. To apply, complete the Career Education Study Grants form and email responses to, by 5:00pm, Friday 25 October 2019.

Career education study grants


To be eligible to apply for a study grant, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You must be currently employed in a Victorian government secondary school, primary/secondary school, specialist school or English language setting
  2. You can demonstrate that you are directly delivering career education at your school or will be in the near future (this must be verified by your principal)
  3. You have ongoing or fixed-term employment in the school beyond completion of the qualification (verified by your principal).

In the event there more applicants than places available, we will prioritise applicants from schools who currently do not have any staff with a career education qualification.

Transforming career education in Victorian government schools

The Victorian Government is investing $109 million to transform career education to help students make better career and pathway decisions and prepare them for life beyond school.

This investment will provide a suite of initiatives to support schools to strengthen career education, enabling students to make informed course and career decisions, understand the connection between school and future careers, and develop their skills and knowledge to successfully manage their careers throughout life.

More information

Contact if you have any questions about this opportunity.