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Part of the IncludED@OSHC learning journey

As a leader of OSHC, you play a crucial role in making sure children with complex disabilities are included in your service. Your job as a leader, after all, is to lead the way.

Learning modules

The IncludED@OSHC learning modules are hosted on the Learneyo platform. Register as a user to access the modules and to ensure technical compatibility use Google Chrome or Safari as your browser.

  • Learning module 1: Introduction to complex disability and inclusion – introduces complex disability and how to include children with complex disabilities in your service.
  • Learning module 2: Working collaboratively – introduces a child's support team, and how to work together with a child and their support team in your service.
  • Learning module 3: Program planning for children with complex disabilities – overviews how to plan and design your program to include children with complex disabilities, plan individual support and adjust your service so the children can take part.
  • Learning module 4: Positive behaviour support – covers how to support positive behaviour at your service.
  • Learning module 5: Health and personal care support needs – introduces you to the individual health care and personal care support that children with complex disabilities may require at your service.
  • Learning module 6: Supporting children with complex communication needs – overviews your service can communicate with children who use augmentative and alternative methods of communication.
  • Learning module 7: Supporting adolescents with complex disabilities in OSHC – introduces how to support adolescents with complex disabilities in your program.
  • Learning module 8: Risk management planning – covers how to manage risks and safety and how to develop a risk management plan.
  • Learning module 9: Diversity, trauma and complex disabilities – covers how to consider the safety and wellbeing of children with complex disabilities who come from diverse backgrounds or have experienced trauma.

Tools and templates

The following tools and templates can be adapted at your OSHC service to support you to embed inclusive OSHC practices.

  • OSHC service assessment tool (docx - 370.46kb) – use this tool as a starting point. It will help you assess how your service is already inclusive and what areas need improving. It will also introduce you to the seven topics of the IncludED@OSHC framework.

Additional resources and support

  • National Quality Framework – The National Quality Framework (NQF) provides a national approach to regulation, assessment and quality improvement for early childhood education and care and outside school hours care services across Australia.
  • National Quality Standard The National Quality Standard (NQS) sets a national benchmark for early childhood education and care and outside school hours care services in Australia.
  • ACECQA – The Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) supports all governments and the education and care sector by providing guidance, resources and services to support the sector to improve outcomes for children.
  • Inclusion Support Program – The Inclusion Support Program offers support for child care services including OSHC across Australia to address barriers to inclusion.