Finance Matters

Finance Matters is a learning program that gives school leaders an understanding of financial management principles and responsibilities.

About the program

The program:

  • provides essential professional development to school leaders and school administrators focussing on financial management best practice
  • is offered to all school leaders and administrators including principal class, aspiring principal class, business managers, aspiring business managers and education support staff
  • is delivered as seven half day workshops
  • has no cost to participants or schools.


All school leaders and administrators can enrol into the program.

To enrol, see: financial management programs (eduMail login required)

What does the program cover?

Financial management

  • overview of financial responsibilities
  • internal control
  • fraud prevention
  • procurement and value for money
  • asset management
  • school council governance and segregation of duties.

Student Resource Package (SRP)

  • framework of the SRP
  • funding model
  • policy and procedures
  • reporting systems
  • introduction to workforce planning issues and the SRP planner
  • efficient and economic use of resources.

Workforce budgeting

  • workforce management
  • planning and budgeting
  • SRP planner
  • typical school workforce planning issues
  • school workforce plan creation
  • modelling and budget considerations
  • employment on-costs
  • SRP management reports
  • deficit management and support.

Financial reporting

  • accrual accounting concepts
  • school council reports
  • chart of accounts
  • finance committee reports
  • annual reporting.

Budget preparation

  • annual cash budgeting process
  • emphasis on the need for a planned approach
  • pre-budget preparation
  • budget preparation
  • recording the budget on CASES21 finance
  • monitoring the budget
  • variance analysis
  • cash flow
  • reporting and decision making.


  • GST
  • FBT
  • BAS
  • building and library funds.


  • Insurance principles
  • Department Insurance arrangements​ : build​ing re-instate​ment program​ / school equipment covergage scheme​ /​ VMIA School Council Insurance Program
  •  Insurance policies: property / motor vehicle / travel / personal accident / liability

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