New graduate incentive program (closed)

This grant is currently closed and is not accepting applications.

You can apply for incentives if your school is having difficulty attracting high quality graduate teachers. The incentives are designed to be given to graduates as part of an ongoing employment offer.


You can apply if your school:

  • is one of the schools listed below, or has a position in a difficult to recruit curriculum area
  • has a vacant ongoing position
  • can demonstrate the position is hard to staff.

Difficult to recruit curriculum areas are:

  • English
  • information technology/computer science
  • languages other than English
  • mathematics
  • science
  • special education/integration.

Eligible schools have been chosen according to recruitment information in the teacher census. They are:


Graduates who receive the incentive must enter into an agreement to work for a minimum amount of time.

Three incentive types are available:

Category 1

Priority and rural schools - Incentive valued at up to $11,000.

Category 2

Provincial and outer metro growth schools - Incentive valued at up to $7,000.

Category 3

All other schools with a hard-to-staff teaching vacancy - Incentive valued at up to $4,000.


Read the guidelines (pdf - 223.37kb) before applying. Then complete the application form:

Applications should be addressed to:

New Graduate Incentive Program
Teacher Professional Practice Unit
GPO Box 4367
Melbourne VIC 3001

Otherwise email your application to:

Get advice

For more information, email:

Read targeted initiative to attract more teachers for information about support to attract teachers to fill hard-to-staff positions.