Starting a job in a government school (induction)

Help is available when you start a new job in a government school.

For new and beginning teachers

  1. Graduate teaching induction guide

    Practical advice for participating in induction as well as access to specialist support and resources. An accessible word version is also available.

  2. From graduate to proficient video series

    Four videos that help outline the critical focus areas for new teachers according to the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

  3. Tools and resources for new and beginning teachers

    Essential resources to help you learn about the Department, Victorian teaching and tools that assist you to manage your pay, career and health and wellbeing (education login required).

  4. Graduate teacher learning series

    This an online professional learning magazine designed to address graduate needs, reflect your voice and encourage development of professional networks.

  5. Graduate Teacher Conferences (GTCs)

    The conferences build the capacity of graduate teachers and foster a network at the area level.

For principals welcoming new teachers

  1. Principal and school leader guide to induction of graduate teachers

    This tool provides practical implementation steps for a comprehensive induction process. An accessible word version is also available.

  2. Mentor training for experienced school teachers

    Develop a mentoring culture in your school by encouraging your experienced and enthusiastic teachers to register for the Effective Mentoring Program.

  3. Occupational health and safety (OHS) induction

    The principal or their delegate must ensure that all employees are provided with an OHS induction into the workplace at the commencement of employment.

For new principals

  1. Principal induction toolkit

    The principal induction toolkit includes information to assist you in your first appointment as a principal (education login required).

  2. Policy Advisory Library

    All operational policies, guidance and advice materials for government schools.

  3. Key dates for principals 

    A calendar of important dates in the school year and key actions (education login required).

  4. Training programs for principals

    Professional development for principals and administrators. Most opportunities for principals are run by the Bastow Institute for Educational Leadership.