Starting a job in a government school (induction)

Help is available when you start a new job in a government school.

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For new and beginning teachers

Induction resources

The Graduate Teacher Induction Guide provides graduate teachers with practical advice to participate in induction, and access support and resources.

Graduate Teacher Induction Guide

Induction portal

Guidance to get you started is available in the online induction portal for teachers (eduMail password required).

Graduate teacher learning series

This an online professional learning magazine designed to:

  • address graduate needs
  • reflect graduate voice
  • encourage development of professional networks.

It includes articles on topics that have been identified as areas of challenge to graduate teachers, including:

  • using formative assessment to improve student learning
  • student engagement as a behaviour management strategy
  • teacher wellbeing and resilience.

An invitation to engage with the learning series will be sent via the In Our Classrooms newsletter.

Access the Graduate Teacher Learning Series

For principals who are welcoming new teachers

The Principal and school leader guide to graduate teacher induction provides practical implementation steps for a comprehensive induction process.

Principal and school leader guide to induction of graduate teachers
Principal and school leader guide to induction of graduate teachers pdf (2.00mb)  Principal and school leader guide to induction of graduate teachers docx (474.39kb)

New teachers need to:

  • understand the culture and ethos of their school
  • know their professional obligations
  • be supported to develop their teaching practice
  • integrate into their school's professional learning communities.

Assisting teachers at the beginning of their careers helps build teaching excellence and improve student outcomes and retains teachers in the profession.


Develop a mentoring culture in your school by encouraging your experienced and enthusiastic teachers to register for the Effective Mentoring Program.

The program focuses on:

  • building knowledge of the Australian professional standards for teachers
  • using the inquiry approach to gather evidence to fulfil the requirements for registration
  • skills and knowledge fundamental to mentoring.

For more information, see: Mentor training for experienced school teachers

Graduate teacher conferences

The graduate teacher conferences build the capacity of graduate teachers and foster a network at the area level.

We invite graduate teachers in their first year of teaching to attend the conference. The conference program gives you an opportunity to:

  • become an active part in your professional community
  • build your professional practice and resilience as professional educators
  • form a strong professional identity.

The program is delivered by Deakin University on behalf of the Department.

Conference components

In 2020, graduate teacher conferences will be held in Term 3, with additional conferences offered in growth corridors and areas with high graduate teacher numbers.

The one-day conference will be supported by pre-conference and post-conference learning materials, hosted via CloudDeakin.

Completion of the pre-conference materials will support your engagement with the conference and provide you with an opportunity to build networks within your area. 

Conference attendance

To complete the program, you must:

  • register for and attend the conference
  • complete the pre and post-conference materials.


The program is free.

How to register

Registrations will open in Term 1, 2020 through Eventbrite. Multiple locations will be available. However, you're strongly encouraged to attend the conference available in the area of your school.

Conference dates, location and registration

Dates and locations for the Graduate Teacher Conference will be available in February 2020 together with a link to register via Eventbrite.

Get advice

Registration details will be sent directly to graduate teachers and schools early in 2020. This will also include information about the broader initiatives to support graduate teachers in schools.

For queries about the graduate teacher conferences contact:

For queries about teacher professional practice, email

General induction resources

The Graduate to Proficient: Australian guidelines for teacher induction into the profession (the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) guidelines) identifies four focus areas that are critical for effective induction: Professional Practices, Professional Identity, Orientation and Wellbeing. The four focus areas are embedded within the guidance and resources that step out a best practice induction in Victorian Government schools. The following video case studies highlight induction best practice and can be used as a tool for schools when they consider their induction approach.



Professional practice

Professional identity

For first time principals

The principal induction toolkit includes information to assist you in your first appointment as a principal. To log on, see: principal induction toolkit (edumail password required)

Other useful resources are: