Building community-discussion and webinar for module 2

Engaging together

As part of continuing to build a peer knowledge network and to foster discussion within our community, we encourage you to engage both in the webinars and online discussion boards. Bring your voice to the conversation in the noticeboard below or by joining the upcoming webinar.

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Please post a question you would like to explore further on the notice board below. Click on the + icon in the corner of the screen to make your contribution to our community.  

Webinar 2

  • We will deep dive into the role of a teacher in a play-based and inquiry learning approach, and the pragmatics of setting up environments to support this.
  • We will be listening and talking to an expert panel, consisting of play-based and inquiry learning coordinators and classroom teachers, about implementation opportunities and challenges.
  • We will also be hearing about the value of outdoor play and learning from a landscape architect who designs outdoor play spaces in schools.
  • We also want to hear from you. We look forward to answering your questions and discussing the ideas and strategies that you have developed about play-based and inquiry learning.

Want to know more?

Watch the webinar trailer below to get a stronger idea of the session to come.


Webinar 2: Planning and Implementing a play-based and inquiry learning approach


Progressing with the Differentiated/Play-based and inquiry learning program

You’ve now reached half-way in the program. 

Module 2 - Planning and implementing a play-based  and  inquiry learning approach, has examined the teacher’s role in supporting student’s play and learning. 

Stay tuned for Module 3 - Assessing learning through play.

This module will explore how student learning can be assessed through a play-based and inquiry approach. You will also have the opportunity, to join your community for a focused webinar on this topic on Tuesday 1st June 2021, from 4 – 5 pm.