Environmental sustainability

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There are simple ways your school can reduce its environmental impact, improve energy, water and waste efficiency, and save money.​

Sustainability services panel

Use our panel to get in contact with consultants who can advise on making your school more efficient and sustainable.

Consultants on the panel provide:

  • energy audits (level 1, 2 and 3)
  • water audits
  • heating reviews
  • irrigation demand reviews
  • waste reviews
  • transport reviews.

Energy audits are the most commonly used service. In the audit, consultants make recommendations on zero-cost things schools can do to improve energy use and lower waste. They also offer minor upgrades which are listed by capital cost and the payback period.

Each of the consultants on the panel have been screened for qualifications, experience and value-for-money, and are under contract to the Department to provide services at a fixed price.

Access the panel through the school maintenance system and choose Asset operations/Panel service providers

​ResourceSmart Schools program

This program connects schools with a network of sustainability experts who help embed sustainability into school practices.

For more information and to register your interest in joining, see the ResourceSmart Schools website

​​Schools water efficiency program

This program helps schools understand their water use, identify faults or leaks and reduce waste.

Participating schools have data loggers installed on their water metres which record usage daily and in 15 minute intervals.

You receive an alert if the loggers detect activity that could indicate a leak, meaning issues are found early on, saving water and money.

Participation is voluntary and the program is free in the first year.

For more information and to join, see the SWEP website

​Get advice

For information about environmental sustainability and national programs, email: environment@edumail.vic.gov.au