Manage school facilities

​This page includes guidance for schools to manage facilities and maintenance.

School maintenance

Use the school maintenance system to:

  • identify and categorise maintenance needs
  • set maintenance priorities
  • contact professional advisers
  • seek quotes and tenders
  • employ, supervise and pay contractors.

Maintenance information is on our intranet. Log into the intranet first, then see:

School cleaning

The process for bringing on contract cleaners depends on whether you're a metropolitan or regional school. For more information, see: School cleaning

Sharing and leasing school facilities

We encourage schools to partner with their community to share school facilities. However, schools are not permitted to sign leases. The Minister for Education or an authorised delegate enters into a lease on behalf of the school.

The policy and process to lease facilities is on our intranet. Log into the intranet first, then see: Community use of school facilities


By law, schools must maintain a register listing all materials containing asbestos on school property. They must also inspect the materials at least every three months and update the registers on the condition of the materials.

Parents can request to see the register.

Schools are also provided with an asbestos management plan. The plan includes:

  • asbestos procedures and requirements
  • roles and responsibilities
  • how to respond to incidents.

For procedures and templates, see: OHS: Asbestos management

Asbestos removal

The Victorian School Building Authority manages the Department’s asbestos removal program.

For more information on the program, see: VSBA: Asbestos removal from schools

You should contact the Authority on 1800 896 950 for advice on asbestos removal and before any construction work starts.

Site safety

Site safety information is on our intranet. Log into the intranet first, then see: Facilities safety and compliance

The intranet includes information on:

  • accessibility
  • asbestos
  • wall cladding
  • maintaining buildings in bushfire prone areas
  • safety measures and compliance
  • hazardous materials.

Teacher housing

Teacher housing properties in rural Victoria are provided to help schools attract new teaching staff to their communities.

You must be employed by the Department to be eligible for a teacher house. If you own residential accommodation within 40 km of where you work, housing will be subject to availability.

More information, the tenancy agreement and forms are on our intranet. Log into the intranet first, then see: Teacher housing